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Born to be an adventurer and explorer. Lover of all creatures great and small. Followed her heart and now lives on an island in the Mediterranean. Accidental author. Passionate about the human journey to wholeness--change and transformation. For pleasure, Wendy coaches executives and teams, leads workshops and retreats, speaks at conferences, and acts as a thought provoker and thought partner. Find Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and her website..

Diminish Your Self-Critic

By Artful Danni

And now for something completely different. Is your self-critic stronger than your self-worth? If we’re willing to admit it, that critical voice inside us is usually turned up to full volume. We’re ready to beat ourselves up for even the smallest mistake. To learn from a mistake is useful. But to listen constantly to the » Read More


Leaders: Are You Driving from the Back Seat?

Driving from the Back Seat--Big Sur

Dusk was settling in fast as I drove along a winding road. Waves crashed on the rocky cliffs below. Why was I driving on the wrong side of the road? I couldn’t control my car and move into the correct lane. With my arms and legs outstretched from the back seat, I tried to grab » Read More


Leaders: Do Your Actions Bring You Closer to Your Vision?


This morning I hung out my freshly washed clothes to dry in the sharp, hot Mallorcan sun. After 3.5 years, I was struck by the realization that I actually enjoy this weekly act.  Awaiting each batch of clean laundry is my funky royal blue clothes line strung between two orange trees. The process is so simple, » Read More


Should We Banish Bosses?

business people group working in customer and helpdesk office

 A recent Forbes article: 31 Telltale Signs You Are A Horrible Boss got me thinking and it inspired this post. Many of us will recognize our former or present bosses described there and, worse yet, we may recognize ourselves! I began to wonder what happens to someone when they become a boss? Which led to … do » Read More

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