Diminish Your Self-Critic

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And now for something completely different.

Is your self-critic stronger than your self-worth?

If we’re willing to admit it, that critical voice inside us is usually turned up to full volume. We’re ready to beat ourselves up for even the smallest mistake. To learn from a mistake is useful. But to listen constantly to the voice of the inner critic tearing the fabric of our self-esteem does not serve us. Nor does it serve those around us.

Most of us have internalized the critical voice of parents, teachers, people in authority, etc. We’ve made these voices our own. We’ve turned these voices outward too. Much of the criticism and judgment we levy on others has more to do with how we feel about ourselves.

However, the more we believe in ourselves and the many gifts we have to offer, the happier and lighter we feel and the more able we are to give to others.

Isn’t it time to claim the amazing being that each of us is?

What I offer here is a way to begin to counteract the inner critic and reclaim your biggest, best, most powerful self. A while back I wrote a blog post about a daily practice I developed called the Gratitude Alphabet. It has served me for many years at both high and low points in my life. What evolved out of that was another practice, to claim the magnificent person I am–that we all are.

We just need to believe it, claim it, and live it. Just.
What is this practice? It’s called, “I am.”
Here’s how you do it. Stand up, feet firmly planted, and speak aloud who you truly are. Speak loudly and say it with a strong voice — to the sky, to the hills, to the trees. Feel free to make your own list or use some of mine. Just do it. Just live into it. Just wait until you experience how good this feels!


I am abundant

I am beautiful, bountiful, blessed, bold

I am courageous, clear, curious, compassionate, collaborator, commitment, creator

I am daring, discerning, decisive

I am enough, empathic, energetic, enthusiasm

I am friend, family, faith, fun, free, fine

I am gratitude, grounded, grace

I am healthy, happy, heart-ful

I am intuition, integrity, integration, insight, inspiration

I am joy

I am kindness

I am laughter, leader, light, love, listener

I am manifester, magnificent

I am non-attachment, noble

I am open, open-hearted, opportunity

I am passionate, purposeful, playful, partner

I am quality, questioner

I am resilient

I am spontaneous, strong, smart, spacious, silence, soulful, solid

I am trustworthy, trusting, truth

I am understanding, uplifting

I am vibrant, visionary, versatile, valuable

I am wise, wonderful, writer, whole

I am xylophone

I am zenith, zany, zebra

Breathe ... ahhhhh.

For me, "I am" puts gas in my tank. So fill 'er up!


I'd be keen to hear how this worked for you.


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