Benefits of Teamwork

by  Mike Henry  |  Webinars

Most of us don’t need to be reminded of the benefits of teamwork. Yet many of us are solo entrepreneurs or people who are looking for work. And all of us want to make a difference.  We want to be better leaders. We know leadership starts with us as we’ve said over the last few weeks.

But so what? What difference does any of this really make? If we end it right there, a few hundred people made some new friends on the Internet but nothing else really changed. Has it?

Kelly Ketelboeter and I are going to have a conversation tomorrow on the web at this link. (You can register and get a reminder here.) I’m going to talk a little about this community, this website and the possibilities I see from us working together as a team; a team of individual contributors, yet more coordinated than we’ve been so far.

I found a short video that also communicates many of my sentiments and thoughts about teamwork and this community.  I hope you like it.

Will you join us tomorrow? I’ll publish a replay of the video too for those of you who can’t attend.

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What People Are Saying

Amber Cleveland  |  10 Aug 2010  |  Reply

I keep trying to sign-up for this and am going in circles on the website…hope the event goes well and next time I can get signed up. Will watch for video when it’s available.

Kare Anderson  |  12 Aug 2010  |  Reply

In this increasingly complex, connected world more people will be forming self-organized project teams so you insights are especially needed. We believe it helps to have a sweet spot of mutual benefit, no extra members, rules of engagement and a top, actionable goal as I describe here

Kare Anderson  |  13 Aug 2010  |  Reply

How timely to be discussing this topic. In this increasingly complex, connected and bottom-up world one of the most valuable kinds of teamwork is the self-organized project team.

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