Chip Shots – Favorite Leadership Apps

by  Paula Kiger  |  Chip Shots
Chip Shots – Favorite Leadership Apps

Here at Lead Change Group, we know that problems are most effectively solved when individuals come together to meld ideas, energies, and approaches.

To use a golf analogy, not every shot is a long drive. Many times, golfers have to take a chip shot to move the ball along for a short distance, with incisive accuracy.

If you are new to the Chip Shots green, welcome. In our Chip Shots feature, our Leading Voices are invited to provide brief insights into a leadership-related topic.

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Today’s Question

What is a favorite app that helps you be a more effective leader and why?

Becky Robinson

Becky Robinson tees up with a reminder that simple can be best: The clock/timer. She expands on her answer: “I use the clock/timer app to stay focused for bursts of time on what matters most. Using a timer keeps me from being distracted and propels my productivity”.
Clock Timer

David Dye

David Dye recommends an app called Evernote. “With an ever-increasing amount of information to track and manage, Evernote has become an extension of my brain. It allows me to stay organized, free up energy for thinking, rather than remembering, and is available everywhere (computer, web, tablet, phone). All of this allows me to be fully present with the person or people in front of me.”


Karin Hurt

Karin Hurt of Let’s Grow Leaders recommends: Gather Content and Zoom. Karin says: “Both significantly help my collaboration efforts with partners and clients.”




Mary Schaefer

Mary Schaefer recommends: Things. I am person who has a lot of ideas and could have boxes full of notes, Word documents full of lists, and post-its everywhere. That was until I found Things.”

It’s an app to organize tasks by project, but also date. You can setup a to-do to come up at a particular date and setup up repetitive reminders. Other than the obvious benefits, I like that I can go there quickly to capture a to-do but also a product or post idea. I bought the licenses to sync with my iPhone and iPad so I always have this at my fingertips. It gives me peace of mind and keeps me on track so my can be clearer and I can be more present.


Mike Henry, Sr.

Mike Henry, Sr., gains strength for his leadership journey from: Logos Bible App and Scripture Typer. The apps I use are Logos Bible app and Scripture Typer to help me with verse memory. I try to read some of the Bible, a devotional called My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers and then I go through Scripture Typer to work on my verse memory.



Will Lukang

Will Lukang approaches the 18th hole with a different perspective:

I find it sad that we have to seek the help of a tool or app to help us manage ourselves. The world has evolved and our ancestors survived having so little things in life. In spite of that, they learned to appreciate what they have and passed on the values that we now believe in. We need to ask ourselves the question, what are our priorities?

By knowing our priorities and living a purposeful life, we can learn to navigate the life challenges. It is an excuse to not appreciate the gift of a brand new day and it is also unrealistic to do many invaluable chores and expect to be fulfilled. Living a purposeful life will ultimate set us free of the demand of instant gratification.

Thank you Becky, David, Karin, Mary, Mike and Will, for taking a shot at this question!

Do you have an app that helps you be a more effective leader?
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What People Are Saying

John E. Smith  |  23 Jun 2015  |  Reply

Hi, Paul and “Chip Shot Gang”:

Very interesting post and I appreciate the links to some potentially useful tools to help me keep my focus and forward momentum.

Will’s words resonated with me, since I have been around long enough to have worked quite a bit without any of the electronic support that we currently enjoy. Nothing like having used carbon paper to make copies to help one appreciate SpellCheck and such:)

That said, I am a firm believer in using whatever tools are available to help us be more productive. The issue I have with our electronic goodies is the same one as I have with modern cash registers that tell the cashier how much change to give the person. While this is convenient, it also encourages people to depend on the machine (or the app), rather than develop at least a fundamental knowledge of the task themselves.

I use SpellCheck … but I could work without it and still spot the errors.

Off in a slightly different direction than your thought-provoking questions, but that’s where my brain took me this morning:)


Paula Kiger (Admin)  |  24 Jun 2015  |  Reply

Definitely appreciate your thoughts, John!

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