Create Your Own Luck

by  Deborah Mills-Scofield  |  Self Leadership

samirI met Samir Rath when he was in the 2nd cohort of the IE-Brown E-MBA while simultaneously investing and starting companies all over the world, including Chile, because, doesn’t everyone? Read Samir’s thoughts on serendipity, luck and entrepreneurship…

How often do we hear our friends and family say “Oh! She is so lucky. She moves in the right circles.” Or “He is so lucky. He is always at the right place at the right time.” […] Many people feel that no matter how hard they work or how capable they are, their spate of bad luck just keeps messing things up. Luck is nothing but an attitude. Read More…


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Mustardseed  |  09 May 2014  |  Reply

Hello, Deborah Mills-Scofield
Thank you for sharing your appreciating views

Creating Your Own Luck

Luck knocks on your door every day, and it’s a question of whether you’re ready to answer it,
Individuals that concentrate on succeeding appear to be more mindful of nature’s domain. They evaluate an approach to influence the open doors that come their direction…..

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