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There are as many books on leadership today as there are leaders to read them. Most of these deal with what it takes to be a leader and what poor leadership looks like (and should be avoided).  Lucky for us, Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris have authored a new book, From Bud To Boss, Secrets To A Successful Transition To Remarkable Leadership, launching this week.  http://www.frombudtoboss.com/

From Bud To Boss is not only a practical guide about transitioning into a leadership role, it’s a truly great read.

The most tenuous position to be in is the shaky new ground that you may find yourself balancing as you enter into a leadership position.  Eikenberry and Harris offer a refreshing perspective on one of the most prevalent issues for new leaders everywhere – how to successfully navigate the journey from ‘every day employee’ to ‘confident and effective leader’.

From Bud To Boss is organized into the six (6) major themes.  These themes evolved out of Eikenberry and Harris’ years of consulting, training and coaching. The common stories that kept coming forward in their careers revolved around the areas they address in this amazing book.

In order to equip readers to discover their ‘true north’ on this journey, From Bud To Boss incorporates assessments for each of the six themes and ties them back to an online community you are invited to participate in via the website. You are also given ‘Bonus Bytes’ as you experience the read that you can find on the website and offer additional tools to arm readers for their best success.

While From Bud To Boss is written in traditional book form, along with electronic support, you are encouraged to act on and put into practice each element as you forge your unique path into your leadership career. This approach is meant to allow readers sustainable lessons they can build upon.

Regardless of what type of learner you are, this experience will foster a systemic support system and information that is invaluable and necessary for transitioning, managing change, effective communication, coaching for success, collaborating through relationship building and committing to the having the courage of your convictions.

It is rare to find a resource that you have the opportunity to put into practice and tailor to your particular situation and circumstance, especially one that is written by consummate experts in the field of leadership.

Leaders may or may not be born, but leaders are definitely built and require the tools, support and experiences to ensure they leverage their own leadership strengths. As a woman who went from HR Generalist-to-Manager-to-Global Vice President of a Fortune 500 company in less than three years, I highly recommend this book.

Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris’ book From Bud to Boss launches on Tuesday, February 15th. To celebrate the ?launch, they have gathered some terrific gifts from? a number of partners. To find out about the gifts, please visit http://www.frombudtoboss.com.

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What People Are Saying

Dan Rockwell  |  15 Feb 2011  |  Reply


I couldn’t agree more with your positive assessment of “From Bud to Boss.”

It’s the holy book for newly promoted managers. I think it’s a classic.



Mike Henry  |  15 Feb 2011  |  Reply

Thanks Dan. The article above is actually Teri’s assessment, but I agree. It’s great when the community of leadership folks come together to endorse a work because it’s different AND remarkable!


Teri Aulph  |  15 Feb 2011  |  Reply

I agree, Dan! It is always a pleasure sharing a new resource that you know is going to make a positive impact on so many! I wish it had been around 15 years ago, I certainly could have used the wisdom and tools.

Chuck Hebert  |  15 Feb 2011  |  Reply

Teri – Thanks for the post. From Bud To Boss not only sounds like an interesting read, but a critical one for those that are new to management. I’ve run across a few people (OK.. more than a few people) who were promoted to management just because they were the smartest individual contributor on the team (not because they showed they could manage). A resource like this book would be perfect.

Teri Aulph  |  15 Feb 2011  |  Reply

Thank you, Chuck, for your comment. I believe this book is a game changer for those who are emerging leaders and established leaders. I love that it works as an interactive guide to position you in your leadership journey.

Guy Harris  |  17 Feb 2011  |  Reply

Teri – Thank you for the review, and the kind words. I’m glad that our message resonated with you. I hope that our work serves to help people make the critical transition from independent contributor to leader successfully.


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