How to Elevate Your Leadership

by  Becky Robinson  |  Leadership Development

Is th
ere a way to achieve success and satisfaction AND reduce the patterns of life and work that are escalating our stress levels? The key might just be simpler than you think.  In fact the way you think, in and of itself – your beliefs and mindset – is actually the key. Susan Mazza discusses the new book “The Zen Leader, 10 ways to go from barely managing to leader fearlessly.” 



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Christina Haxton, MA LMFT  |  29 May 2012  |  Reply

Excellent post and book review! The higher a leader climbs in an organization, the more she or he is susceptible to “power stress” which is the unique type of stress experienced by people who are responsible to and for the livelihood of so many others. Leader’s who practice mindful awareness in any fashion whether through formal meditation or brief yet consistent reflection, will create changes in their brain that will help them make better decisions, live longer and feel happier and more satisfied. Sound crazy? Try it for 30 consecutive days and if afterwards you feel it wasn’t helpful, feel free to go back to doing what you were doing that wasn’t working either.

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