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by  Shawn Murphy  |  Meet Lead Change

What catches my attention today are things that lift me up: music, movies, people, books, and my communities of people.  I’m no different than many others who are exhausted by the relentless and seemingly unending barrage of sad news stories. I find them to be one sided. So, I seek ways to find a ways to lift my spirits.

What Lead Change provides is a place to find optimism. To find possibility. To find a network of people who still believe that leadership and change can be a source of good. In short it’s inspiring.

So what makes Lead Change Group uplifting? Here’s what does it for me:

  • Articles on leadership that assist me when I need it.
  • Webinars from people who pay attention in their worlds and teach what they’ve learned from their mistakes and from their success
  • Content that’s created in the moment – fresh, relevant, applicable
  • Available online network of professionals to give me feedback on my ideas or to share ideas

This site is about bringing together a community of change leaders who believe in the humanity of business. Sound too good to be true? That’s another reason why I connect with people on this site. It is true. That’s why it’s uplifting, inspiring, and a great community of people.

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Kelly Ketelboeter  |  28 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Excellent post Shawn! I echo your sentiments and I am thrilled to be part of such an amazing and collaborative movement. I learn something new every single day and appreciate the diverse backgrounds, thoughts and work of our fellow Lead Change members. It is inspiring, which is something we all can use a little bit more of these days!

Best to you!

Senen Perfecto  |  28 Jul 2010  |  Reply

I and everyone must agree with Kelly, Shawn. Excellent post! I used it to draw leader-friends to our community. I am inspired by the group and contributions and I am enthusiastically doing the little I could to be a channel in reaching others more from my end.

David Weale  |  30 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Totally agree Shawn. I’m so into the topic of leadership because I see it as the way to real positive change in organizations, communities and the greater world issues. Having said that, being new to social media, I make my share of mistakes and the quality of information seems so erratic.

Then I find this Lead Change group where people are providing content that’s inspiring and challenging, and you’re all living your words out (as far as I can see). So thanks to Mike, and you Shawn, and all the other contributors. I can only envisage an increasing impact on the way leadership is done as the Lead Change circle expands.

Shawn Murphy  |  06 Aug 2010  |  Reply

Well I have committed blog-etiquette no-no’s: not responding to blog post responses. We are all made better people when we allow others to contribute to who we are through words, interactions, and sharing of ideas. David, Senen, and Kelly, you demonstrate this by taking time to share your responses. Thank you.

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