Mountains To Climb

by  Steve Keating  |  Self Leadership

Mountains are beautiful from a distance, especially when we don’t need to hike over them to get somewhere else.

Imagine what the mountains meant to the early pioneers traveling across the vast prairie in search of the Great Northwest. They were not a welcomed sight, but rather, the very definition of hardship. It took days to travel even a few miles. The journey was rugged, the work exhausting, the progress minimal. Joy in passing through the rugged range rested completely upon the attitude of the pioneer.

Trials and hardships in life are like mountains. They are inevitable, challenging, unwanted obstacles, and much more beautiful when looking back on those recently conquered.

Today, many of us live in the midst of mountains. And so the question must be asked – how is your attitude?

I speak often on the importance of maintaining control of our attitudes. The ability to “set the tone” for our day, everyday, is critical for success in the face of the mountains that challenge us today. It is difficult; to say the least, to remain positive when it seems as if every light at the end of the tunnel is just another train on it’s way to running us over. It might even be impossible to do it alone.

So….I’d like to offer a small suggestion – don’t try to do it alone. Simul-climb! Simul-climbing is a technique used by experienced rock climbers to move up a rock wall with a steady pace, it also allows the peak to be reached much faster. Simul-climbing is basically two climbers roped together climbing at the same time. While it offers many advantages there seems to be one big shortcoming, if one falls, they both fall. This causes simul-climbers to be very selective when choosing a partner.

Pick a partner that will help you maintain control over your attitude and someone that you can help as well. This is a person who you can share your challenges with, one that offers advice and encouragement and accepts the same from you. Tie yourself to this person and attack the mountains that stand in the way of your eventual success. Remember, if you fall and your attitude goes south on you, you will be taking someone else with you. So don’t fall!

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Deb Costello  |  03 Aug 2010  |  Reply

I can really relate to this idea, Steve. I find that when I am struggling, when I find mountains in my path, my problem is almost always my attitude. I have been fortunate to find partners in my life that remind me how much this matters and help me course-correct. Some of them are leaders from this group including YOU! Thank you for your wisdom here and every tweet-filled day!

Bruno Coelho  |  04 Aug 2010  |  Reply

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your inspiring message! It takes humility to understand that there is no need to go on a venture alone. Besides, what’s the fun of that? Many successful people had great successful partners: Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates had Paul Allen, Donald Trump had his father Fred Trump, and many others.

I believe that I’m a strong person, not because of my own strength alone, but because of the combined strength of all the key people that surround me.

The idea of the simul-climbing reminds me of the new business that I’m launching with my wife. Who could ask for a better partner? It’s all about Loving what you do, Trusting one another and never give up!

Best regards,
Bruno Coelho

Mark Oakes  |  04 Aug 2010  |  Reply

Great ‘Life Lesson’, anology and advice, Steve. Well Done!!


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