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Question of the Day

question of the day

What question might you ask to move toward group alignment and shared vision? The question of the day is designed to be an icebreaker that also gets everyone thinking. Over time these icebreakers are an aid in community building among the group, leading to alignment and developing a shared vision of what they can become as » Read More


Developing a Strategic Board of Directors


 A Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, or an Advisory Board all have overseer function for the organization whether it is for-profit or non-profit. Those serving on these boards often are chosen for their executive role in the organization, their connections to resources, or involvement with partner organizations. Yet these people are expected to help » Read More


Let’s Get Smarter About Goal-Setting


The rhythm that we established as school children lives on in many of us.  Admit it: You get antsy in the spring, realizing that summer is just around the corner. Feeling like September is a fresh start, you clear out a few old files and bring in a few new office supplies. ‘Back to school’ » Read More


Leadership Haiku: Why Do They Follow You?


“I see you ahead of me. You see me behind. Where are we going today?”   Whether you subscribe to the notion of leaders having “followers” or not, let’s consider this: What do others trust your leadership, i.e. why do they literally follow your lead? Someone has to be first.  Someone has to have a » Read More


Five ways to improve communication with your teams


Everything you do and say communicates SOMETHING. In fact, the most effective leaders know that their team’s performance hinges on being a great communicator. “Since we communicate whether we want to or not, it’s in our best interest to get good at it” David Grossman Communication Expert. When a leader communicates effectively, everyone understands the » Read More


Purpose and Strategy: Two by Two

Purpose and Strategy - What Is the Mix?

Purpose and strategy. They seem to fit like peanut butter and jelly. Purpose is the jelly, sweetening our appetites for the work to be done. Strategy is the peanut butter, making it all stick together as we do the work. Even with this thought, leaders lose their desire to define an organizational strategy in terms » Read More


Leadership Lessons From an American Revolution General


  I just finished a book titled, “Henry Knox, Visionary General of the American Revolution.” (Puls, 2008) If you will allow, here are a few leadership lessons drawn from the read. Be Curious Henry Knox began his education at the esteemed Boston Latin Grammar School founded by Harvard College. (Alumni included Benjamin Franklin and Sam » Read More


Simple Principles Work!

Plan the Work, Work the Plan

As we got our coffee and sat down, the conversation continued. “I am just swamped though, and the work just seems endless. I don’t know if I can keep this pace. I just imagine this wave of work overtaking me.” My friend tried to comfort me by adding, “You know you will work through it. » Read More


Situational Approach: What Role Do I Play in Matters?

Situational Leadership & Communication

Sometimes, we just need to acknowledge a situation. We have those moments, but we pretend it is something that it isn’t. What I mean is, at times, we just want someone to do something without much discussion. However, in order to not hurt feelings, we pretend we want their input, but our expressions communicate frustration. » Read More


5 Things Every CEO Should Know About Talent Alignment

What Every CEO Should Know About Talent Alignment | Lead Change Group

I wrote a post for this Lead Change Blog a few months ago entitled, “The Number One Thing CEOs Wish They’d Done Differently.”  In that post I talked about how invariably when CEOs are asked, “What’s the one thing you wish you’d done differently when you took your role” they say, “I wish I’d moved » Read More

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