The Next Starting Line

Your business, like your life, is always changing. You never cross a finish line without discovering something exciting: that finish line is also the next starting line. And when you work and live with a healthy relationship with feedback, you have the emotional energy and awareness to actively ask yourself where that next starting line is. Is it internal? Is it external? What should your next project be? How can you add value for yourself, to those around you, and to the larger world?

One of the biggest “next starting lines” you can reach is not only realizing that you’ve achieved success with your current business, but that you yourself are ready to strive toward a new goal that better aligns with the answers to your essential questions. As you grow, you will come up with all kinds of different business ideas, and the day may eventually come when your new ideas begin to form an alignment pyramid of their own. When that day arrives, you can embrace a new era of personal and professional growth. You have a healthy relationship with feedback and understand how to align a business with its own set of blueprints. You are ready for the next starting line.

Business Alignment

The benefits of alignment don’t stop with your business. They bleed into the rest of your life as well. Years ago I was frustrated a lot, and I didn’t have a healthy relationship with feedback. Obstacles used to drive me crazy, and I was impatient. I brought all those things home with me. But as I learned more about business alignment, I began implementing its key principles in my personal life. I started questioning whether the decisions I was making were aligned with what we—my wife, daughter, and I—valued as a family. Did the things we invested time and money in help us lead meaningful lives? In a lot of cases, they didn’t, and we ended up realigning a lot of stuff. We sold our house and ditched the decorative burdens. All three of us began to spend more time doing what we really loved, cutting out what wasn’t necessary and striving to align our lives with what brought us meaning and fulfillment. That’s the power of living in alignment.

Breaking Free

As long as you understand your unique challenges as you strive to cross the starting line, you will quickly gain confidence in your ability to break free of the circle of frustration once and for all. And once you start, you can keep pursuing the path to growth with remarkable results. When things finally align in your business and your life, it’s a truly amazing feeling. The experience of achieving alignment for a month, for a quarter, for a year and beyond, is like hearing that perfect note of music. The frequency of that sound is never strained or abrasive. There’s a purity and an ease to it that carries naturally through a space—like a reminder that this is the way it was meant to be all along.

When you embrace alignment, the struggle and stress of the daily grind finally come to an end. You no longer have to fight yourself, or the people around you. Instead, you have harmony. And along with harmony comes freedom, and ultimately, fulfillment. If you have been stuck in frustration, there is a way forward. There is a place to start, and you do have the power to embark on this path of harmony and alignment. Define your personal core by asking essential questions and using the answers to make big and small decisions. Find the next starting line in your business and your life and never look back.

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