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Emotional Intelligence: Ten Things You May Not Know

emotional intelligence

Regardless of the situation, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is critical. Managing one’s own emotions as well as adequately and appropriately responding to the emotions of those around us is vital to solid leadership. How is your knowledge of Emotional Intelligence? Read ten interesting facts about Emotional Intelligence here…


How to Handle Change

10-23-2013 1-51-30 PM

As market conditions, budgets and consumer needs change, companies will have to adjust to remain successful. However, change is one five letter word that often strikes fear into teams and employees. According to a study conducted by IBM, the need for company leaders to lead change is growing, but the necessary leadership skills are diminishing. » Read More


5 Important Tips for Successful Sales Leadership


Sales managers are some of the most critical leaders at a company. A high performing sales team needs great managers not only to cultivate other great sales leaders within the company, but to also help create successful strategies for the business and push the sales team to perform at its best. Without great sales managers, » Read More


Open-Minded Leadership

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Do you see opposition as a problem or an opportunity?  This isn’t merely spin. Our perspective can change the way we react and the types of results we generate. Jane Perdue (member profile, @thehrgoddess) posted Lead with an open mind over on Smartblog Thursday.  She presented an interesting perspective on the importance of resisting temptation » Read More


Conflict, character and calm

keep calm and have character

You’d been angling to get assigned to the special project team at work for a long time. Finally your dream came true.  What you weren’t expecting, however, was discovering the team facilitator rubbed you the wrong way, big-time. Maybe it’s a case of opinions and values being worlds apart. Perhaps there’s open hostility or a » Read More


Leaders, Do Your Pet Peeves Disengage Employees?

Leaders, Do Your Pet Peeves Disengage Employees    Image by:Myk Martinez

Leaders often reflect their values in their leadership. This can be positive especially if the values are in agreement with the purpose and goals of the organization. The same cannot be said when leaders let their pet peeves shape the culture. When left unchecked, leaders’ pet peeves can disengage employees and create a play-it-safe culture. They » Read More


What Your Attitude Needs Is A Swift Kick in the Butt…


I hate being around “downers.” You know the kind I’m talking about. Not only is the glass “half empty” to them, but they would be quick to add, “My glass is chipped, it has a greasy film on it, the water is lukewarm and hey, I wanted tea, not water!” I want to have a » Read More


Bad Apples Produce Negative Outcomes


Dan Rockwell wrote a post yesterday on his Leadership Freak blog titled One Bad Apple Does Spoil the Whole Barrel.  Consider the effect of one bad apple when it comes to teams and teamwork.  One bad apple can spoil the performance contrary to some popular sayings.  We are influenced by more than we think, especially » Read More


Overcoming Defeat

Overcoming Defeat | Lead Change Group

Greetings Leaders! This is an updated post of Overcoming Defeat. You can find the original post here. Overcoming defeat is a state of mind. My question to you is… Can you be defeated? To overcome defeat, your must answer no. If you think you can be defeated then… you can be defeated. If you refuse » Read More


Purpose-Driven Productivity

Purpose Driven Productivity

A LeadChange “Best of Blogs” post, originally shared on KnowledgeBishop.com A woman and her small boy are walking down a cobblestone path in the sweltering summer sun. As they round the bend, they come upon three men on their knees, each with a brick in one hand and a trowel in the other. “Mama, what » Read More

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