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Plain Vanilla Leadership

plain vanilla

If you browse the titles of some of the most searched and rated leadership books on the web, you will find a variety of themes and trends. There is 5-D Leadership. Results-Based Leadership. Leadership for the 21st Century (amassed from over 580 books). Leadership for different races, genders, and also for people groups and disciplines. There » Read More


4 Ideas for Authentic Leadership Intelligence

Authentic Leadership Intelligence

There is a smartness to authentic leaders. Smartness does not mean all-knowing; it does mean approaching your leadership craft with an authentic intelligence, knowing the impact of how you lead. To develop this intelligence, below are four ideas to consider in building your authentic leadership capabilities. Embedded empathy. Authenticity needs to be other-centered. If leading » Read More


Playing the Part of Leader

The Actor Mask

“Don’t just act like the character. Be the character.”  I’ve heard these words from theater directors many times, and so have countless other actors and actresses on stage and screen.  The best actors are the ones who cause you to forget that you’re watching a movie or attending a live play, who can convince you » Read More


The Transparency Debate: How Much Should Leaders Share?

authentic leadership

As leaders grow in levels of responsibility, scope and scale, the issue of “transparency” becomes more significant.  Executives have insights into confidential strategy, complex nuances, and serious situations.  They also have large teams and a customer base watching every move.   It’s common practice for leaders to pull back more as they rise in the » Read More


Walking the Leadership Tightrope

tightrope 1

The Tightrope of Leadership As leaders and change-agents, we walk a daily tight-rope between how we “should” do things because that’s how they’ve always been done … which may be contrary to what believe matters today and tomorrow. Leadership is no different. To be a true leader, we must walk this tightrope in our daily » Read More


3 leadership rules for being authentically real without being rude


Gene was upset with his new team’s quarterly business results, and his withering criticism of their performance during the staff meeting had brought a stunned hush to the room. Not one of the ten people sitting around the table had been exempt from having their deficiencies cruelly described and even mocked during the meeting. As » Read More


Leaders, Do Your Pet Peeves Disengage Employees?

Leaders, Do Your Pet Peeves Disengage Employees    Image by:Myk Martinez

Leaders often reflect their values in their leadership. This can be positive especially if the values are in agreement with the purpose and goals of the organization. The same cannot be said when leaders let their pet peeves shape the culture. When left unchecked, leaders’ pet peeves can disengage employees and create a play-it-safe culture. They » Read More


Leadership Autopilot

Winding Road

Three years ago I moved to a new city. It was not until four weeks ago I realized that I don’t know my way around my city very well. The reason is simple and a little embarrassing. It is all due to my good friend named Garmin. For directionally challenged people (such as me) Garmin is a lifesaver; however, it can also create great challenges: mentally checking out while you are driving for one. You’re driving along and Garmin says, “turn right here,” then “turn left there,” and before you know it… “arriving at destination”. You have no idea where you even are or how you go there, but voila!, Garmin says, “you have arrived”.


Authentic Leaders Create Impact

Screen shot 2011-06-10 at 6.41.09 PM

One of the things we like to promote here at Lead Change is members who inspire us to lead from who we are rather than our position.  With our character as the source of inspiration and influence we act as authentic leaders; not perfect but genuine, always seeking the best for the group rather than » Read More


As A Leader, What Drives You – Passion or Ego?


Leaders, in my mind, are defined by the strength of their values and their character. They live in integrity with themselves, and their surroundings, a character trait that develops deep trust with their followers.

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