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In Search of the Perfect “Boss”

imperfect boss

No one hates the “B” word as much as I do, so why did I chose that word for the title of my first book?  Because despite all our efforts to “lead change” and encourage servant leadership, most of our readers are struggling in imperfect hierarchical organizations working for an imperfect boss. And even as » Read More


A Leader’s Guide to Stress-Free Holiday Customer Service

A customer service business woman at Christmas

It happens this time every year.  Customers, fueled by big-deal bargains, shopping lists lined with specific requests, and a fear of missing out on either one or both of the above, practically attack retailers.  The joy of generosity is trumped by the dark side of greed and consumer competition.  Front-line employees, having endured a year » Read More


Leadership by Engagement


In today’s world, we are connected through various forms of communication channels.  Emails, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ continue to drive what leadership instigator Seth Godin termed, “The connection economy.” The world is truly smaller. You can literally connect with someone in another continent in less than a minute without spending a dime. Great leaders » Read More


Get Real: Taking Your Developmental Conversations to the Next Level

development plans

For a variety of reasons, many manager/employee relationships stay formal, cordial, and don’t realize their full potential.  The conversation stays focused on the work at hand, and hopefully there is some discussion of strengths and development needs, along with a plan to improve on them. There is often real reluctance to go deeper. Why? Choices, » Read More


Brand Boring

Leadership Brand

  A prospective client asked to talk with me recently. (To protect her identity, we’ll call her Lara.)  Lara’s executives wanted to clarify and begin driving a leadership brand throughout the organization. What unfolded during our conversation was a plan whereby their values, credo, code of conduct, and core competencies would converge into a leadership » Read More


3 Steps to Confront Procrastination

This is a follow up to “What do you do instead of what you are supposed to be doing?” I introduced 10 things people (like me) do when we should be doing something more important. It also introduced the idea that shame and fear came from BS inside our heads. To catch up, check out » Read More


What do you do instead of what you are supposed to be doing?

procrastination meter

What do you do instead of what you are supposed to? Top 10 Things You’re Probably Doing Instead of What You are Supposed to be Doing: 10. Eating something bad for you 9. Checking your email every 3 minutes 8.  Looking for inspiration from others’ work 7. Reading just one more article about “how to » Read More


The Transparency Debate: How Much Should Leaders Share?

authentic leadership

As leaders grow in levels of responsibility, scope and scale, the issue of “transparency” becomes more significant.  Executives have insights into confidential strategy, complex nuances, and serious situations.  They also have large teams and a customer base watching every move.   It’s common practice for leaders to pull back more as they rise in the » Read More


3 leadership rules for being authentically real without being rude


Gene was upset with his new team’s quarterly business results, and his withering criticism of their performance during the staff meeting had brought a stunned hush to the room. Not one of the ten people sitting around the table had been exempt from having their deficiencies cruelly described and even mocked during the meeting. As » Read More


Thoughts on Engagement at Compete For People

Who is your team Yuri Arcurs - Fotolia.com

Frank Wantland posted a creative piece over on his blog, Compete For People, about the importance of being truly involved and interested in the lives of the people employed by your organization.  His perspective is more on the executive’s engagement than on the employee’s but he has an interesting story.  It’s hard to fake genuine » Read More

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