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Ignite Innovation In Your Team


No business will be successful unless its product, service or process is innovative on some level. Innovation is what differentiates companies within the same industry from one another.  It isn’t something that can be purchased or built, but it is something that can be encouraged and fostered within a company culture. Just because an idea » Read More


Creating employee engagement through culture and job design

Send Grid: culture tenets

In a refreshing interview, CEO Jim Franklin shares his company’s views on employee engagement. SendGrid’s approach to job design is both exhilarating and gutsy.


Culture of Change


In your organization or on your team, think for a moment about what you’d most like to see happen over the next 6 months to 2 years. Give yourself a minute… Now would you say your greatest vision for your team or your organization is: Do what we’re doing, only better, more effectively or more » Read More


Turn on the Lights | Showing your team what winning looks like.

Turn on the Lights

I am constantly amazed by the number of companies who feel it’s to their advantage to NOT have WRITTEN job descriptions or key initiatives for employees. These type companies usually, and with little hesitation, make some proclamation about how they don’t “DO” job descriptions because “everyone pitches in” or because they don’t want their employees » Read More


The mysterious lever of success

JB 10x 15

Culture is a big deal, and as my colleague Beth Doolittle puts it, “Culture is not what we say it is, it is what it is.” Culture is the great invisible hand, and that hand determines much of what is possible for our organizations to achieve. But because it is invisible, shaping it is one » Read More


Employee engagement: a three-legged stool


Many authors have written about people management, project management or corporate culture as separate topics. But a new book by Ben Snyder ties together all three subjects and paints a clear picture of how they interact to nurture (or damage) employee engagement and organizational performance. Read this review, find the book and set fire to the status quo.


21st-century leaders make 19th-century mistake


Your corporate culture is your soil. It’s where your employees grow or wither. Are you cultivating it? Or are you washing it away in your quest to maximize this year’s profits?


Meghan M. Biro and TalentCulture on Forbes

Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 11.45.27 AM

Congratulations to our own Meghan M. Biro of TalentCulture.  She was interviewed by Drew Hansen (@drewhansen26) about the need for leaders to lead from the heart and how that affects company culture.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Jump over to Forbes and check out the post!  And tweet to @MeghanMBiro and @TalentCulture » Read More


5 Authentic Keys to Attract Top Talent

5 Authentic Keys to Attract Top Talent | Lead Change Group

Authentic Leadership leads to a sustainable workplace brand, the key to attracting talent ‘Authentic’ is a word rapidly falling out of vogue-especially with those of us engaging in social media. Yet none of us, if questioned, would deny we are authentic in our interactions with others. After all, we’re being ourselves all the time, right? » Read More


Every Leader Needs to Break an Arm

Every Leader Needs to Break an Arm | Lead Change Group

Many of my “2D” friends laugh when they first meet me because I am built like the prototypical NFL quarterback 6’5”, 235lbs. This week I met with Carrie Wilkerson (@bareboot_exec) and she gave me the typical first comment “You are much bigger than your profile picture.” As a kid growing up in Philadelphia, the best » Read More

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