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Tag Archives: Courage

Courage is the ability to act in spite of fear.


Job Security: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life


“…The only real security you have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.” – Henry Ford Take the lead to create your own job security. My first experience in wrestling with my personal thoughts on job security happened in 1992. My employer planned to cut a few hundred people from my » Read More


Ten Things You Will Learn from Writing on LinkedIn

Writing on LinkedIn

Leaders should write, not for the sake of writing — but to influence, inform, inspire, and engage a wider audience. Writing often also forces you to maintain clarity in your thinking, and sustain your perspective. I’ve been writing on LinkedIn for a few months, with some specific goals: Create a wider audience for my thought » Read More


Are Sacrifices a Part of Leadership?

Leadership and Sacrifices

Many tough decisions need to be made every day. In hospitals and clinics, life-impacting decisions are made. On battlefields, just think of the decisions made and the ultimate sacrifices they may bring. Compared to sterile workplaces, the type of decisions and corresponding sacrifices pale in comparison. Yet, sacrifices happen every day and in every place. » Read More


10 Management Lessons from Dragon Army

Business insights can come from unexpected places, including children’s literature. Science fiction writer Orson Scott Card paints a marvelous portrait of people management, vividly contrasting what motivates and what demoralizes, and what creates excellence versus lackluster results.


Do you listen to your gut or to your logic? Which one is right?

We all know the feeling…that situation that gives us hesitation. That pregnant pause. The wrestling between our mind and our instinct. Gut versus logic. With which should we side? Read more…


How Do You Thrive in Ambiguity?

Thriving in Ambiguity

The question was sparked by Alli Pollin in her blog post entitled Personal Leadership: Thrive in Ambiguity. From here, we engaged our Lead Change Google+ Community to get their perspective on the following questions: How do you thrive in ambiguity? On what leadership skills do you lean? Leading Through Ambiguity Highlighted below are snapshot insights » Read More


The Path to High Performance

The Path to High Performance

If you want to get on a path to high performance, there is one thing you must first accept: Whatever your current level of performance may be at this moment, if you aspire to something greater or to be better you have a performance gap. Being honest with yourself about your gap is an important » Read More


Would You Rather Follow a Tested Leader or an Inspiring Leader?

Tested Leader or Inspiring Leader

This question has been on my mind lately. Which is better – a tested leader or an inspiring leader? So we put the question to our Lead Change community on Google+ and highlighted below are snapshots into their perspectives. Tested Leader or Inspiring Leader? Carey Green: No question… a tested leader. I’ve seen too many » Read More


Is simple thought leadership as valuable as something elaborate?

A recent conversation with friend and co-author Jennifer V. Miller about the value of leadership fables caused me to examine my love of simplicity in business, leadership and life. Does a simple message have the depth of an elaborate one? Is one easier to remember than the other? Are simple messages as valuable or as long » Read More


Create Your Own Luck


I met Samir Rath when he was in the 2nd cohort of the IE-Brown E-MBA while simultaneously investing and starting companies all over the world, including Chile, because, doesn’t everyone? Read Samir’s thoughts on serendipity, luck and entrepreneurship… How often do we hear our friends and family say “Oh! She is so lucky. She moves in the right » Read More

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