What Makes Leadership Material Effective

Thanks to modern technology, there is endless leadership material available to us today. Phenomenal websites like leadchangegroup.com enable leaders to share, comment and digest remarkable content to improve their ability as an influencer. 

And while we can pick up nuggets of wisdom here and there, the question remains as to what material is truly worth our time to absorb and in-turn put into practice? I would say that it is the literature that enables us to shift from a “I wish I could do that” mindset to a “Hey, I could totally do that” way of thinking. 

In other words, the empowering material is what we are after.

Another challenge I see, with the vast amount of leadership material at our fingertips, is that we may spend an exorbitant amount of money and precious time gaining leadership knowledge, but is more knowledge what we really need? There is value in gaining a baseline understanding of how to effectively lead people; however, isn’t effective leadership best developed through repetition, failure and learning what not to do? How dare I use the “F” word in a leadership article, but it is those instances of mistakes where we learn the most, is it not? 

John Maxwell’s book Failing Forward is extremely well written and provides tons of practical examples of how leaders used their errors to advance their purpose and calling on their life. For me, this book, along with The Maxwell Daily Reader, was one piece that inspired me to view my failures as stepping stones for success and help me realize I could totally maximize my potential despite any future setbacks that came my way. 

We as leaders should have the intestinal fortitude to lead boldly, take calculated risks and effectively think through ways to pivot whenever problems arise. Do not get me wrong, I have read plenty of written works that have failed to inspire and empower me in my leadership ability. However, challenging content that encourages us to take on a difficult task, pursue that lifelong dream we have or take a stand for what we truly believe in is worth consuming, getting the most out of and sharing it with others. 

After all, as leaders we are called to be strong and courageous and not anxious or afraid.

If this leadership article does not inspire you to wake up tomorrow morning and get after it, then I recommend finding something that does.

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