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Avoid These Mistakes If You Want to Lead Innovative Teams

Avoid this mistake if you want to lead innovative teams.

Note: This post is adapted from my new book The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say. If you’d like practical leadership tools with immediate results, it’s available now at Amazon. What Would Happen If… “David, what do you think about…” A few months into her second year of college, our daughter Averie texted me with » Read More


How Blue Are You?

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 4.17.00 PM

I was able to take my wife and another couple to the Blue Man Group as it traveled through Oklahoma this week.  I expected to see 3 slimy blue people playing strange instruments, but beyond that I wasn’t sure what I would experience.  To call the show amazing is an understatement.  We laughed, we danced, » Read More


3 Portraits of Employee Involvement


In your organization, how much employee input does management get before deciding a course of action? Not much? You might want to rethink that.


Engaging Employees: The Economics of Micro Ingenuity


Wouldn’t it be a dream if every employee could add $13,000 to the bottom line of your business each and every year? No need to dream because research shows that’s exactly what happens when an employee shifts from being disengaged to engaged. Read More…  


Creativity, Risk, and Innovation

Here’s an interesting and brief video on the connection between risk, creativity and innovation. The narrator is David Burkus, a friend and the founder of The Leader Lab (www.theleaderlab.org).  Check it out.


Etiquette Guide for “Idea People”


Many “idea people” in Corporate America view their employers as inefficient and broken. These frustrated workers have ideas to fix the system but too often hold back due to real or perceived road blocks. How do you challenge broken processes or sacred cows respectfully, without stepping on toes?


Cultivating Idea Leadership—Views From an IBM Fellow


Wondering how to rekindle creativity in your workplace? Meet IBM Fellow John Cohn, Ph.D., an idea powerhouse who has been at IBM for 29 years. He shares six observations about how to keep innovators engaged and on board.


The Plight of “Idea People”


Idea people gravitate toward all things new and have little patience for inefficient processes and corporate silos. They can live in any department at any level of any organization. They can be any age, any color, male or female. To you as a manager, they may represent a breath of fresh air in your department or a colossal thorn in your side. Regardless of how you feel, idea people may be the key to your organization’s future. The question is…how are you engaging them today?


Gutting the Talent Bench


What is your organization’s claim to fame—operational excellence, customer intimacy or product leadership? How are you doing in the other two areas? If your focus is customer intimacy, do the employees who personally excel at operational excellence and product leadership feel engaged or disenfranchised in your workplace?


Creating a Creative Crisis


Organizations sputter and stall quickly. Insider focus seems to be our default mode. We naturally work to create personal comfort rather than value for customers. How can stalled organizations re-energize their zeal and reinvigorate their vision? One strategy to get a stalled organization moving is creating a crisis. Webster says a crisis is, “The point of time » Read More

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