Wally Bock

I write business books and I help other people write business books as a ghostwriter/writing partner and coach. If you’re thinking about writing a business book, we should talk, here’s why.

I am an excellent explainer and story teller. Since my first book, in 1972, editors and readers have commented on those strengths. I can help you make your writing better.

I write with a practical business focus. That’s what Inc Magazine said when it named my book, Cyberpower for Business “A book every CEO should own.” I can help you write a book that makes a difference for readers. It may even win an award, the way Stephen Lynch’s book did.

I’ve had a long career as a speaker, writer, and consultant, so I’m familiar with many different industries and audiences. I bring that experience and my experience as an author, blogger, copywriter, and coach to every project. And I understand how to use the book you write to help you achieve the success you want with increased fees and visibility and additional products.

My clients love me. They tell me that I’m truthful and I have high standards, but that I’m easy to work with. I will help you use your strengths to create business-building books and other information products while making your weaknesses irrelevant.

Beware Cargo Cult Management

Author + Blogger + Ghostwriter + Writing Coach

Experiment Your Way to Success

Author + Blogger + Ghostwriter + Writing Coach

Get a Little Better Every Day

Author + Blogger + Ghostwriter + Writing Coach
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