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The Power of the Coffee Cup


Okay, this really isn’t about a coffee cup. It’s a post about customer service and the difference quality customer service can make. You know, the kind of service that stays with you long after you’ve left the store or hung up the phone. The service you find yourself talking about with someone over lunch several » Read More


Innovative Service as a Dance Organ


Would you have ever compared your customer service to a dance organ? Think about it- both should move, amuse, and enrich all who come in contact with it. Both are about the outward appearance and the pleasure it brings, as well as how it impacts those who receive what it has to offer. Read more…


Baldheaded Service


 She was the COO of a large company and this was the leadership conference for the company. I was there as a keynote speaker and her “message to the troops” came right before my closing remarks. She had been going through chemotherapy for breast cancer and was completely bald…no wig and no hat. And, she » Read More


A Leader’s Guide to Stress-Free Holiday Customer Service

A customer service business woman at Christmas

It happens this time every year.  Customers, fueled by big-deal bargains, shopping lists lined with specific requests, and a fear of missing out on either one or both of the above, practically attack retailers.  The joy of generosity is trumped by the dark side of greed and consumer competition.  Front-line employees, having endured a year » Read More


Dear McDonald’s, It’s Not About the Burgers (or even the Yogurt)


A recent Wall Street Journal article, McDonald’s Tackles Service Woes, describes McDonald’s continued economic and customer service challenges. “McDonalds Corp., battling back from recent earnings disappointments, is putting unusual emphasis on a long-time challenge: getting it’s far flung workforce to provide service with a smile.” Excerpts from a leadership webcast to franchise owners warned that “1:5 » Read More


Leadership 101 from a Carney

Carnival Worker

Last fall, I attended the Arizona State Fair after a 25-year hiatus, mostly due to my misgivings of safety, security, and my favorite, the dreaded carny. Handing my ticket to the operator of a roller coaster who reeks of liquor and marijuana and looks like they are ready to fall over dead at any given » Read More


Stop greasing these 3 squeaky wheels


“A ‘squeaky wheel’ isn’t the highest priority project. It’s the loudest or most noticed. In many organizations, it gets the grease, while projects with greatest potential to bring about business results get delayed or set aside.” This quote, from the book Everything’s A Project, is playing like a mantra in my thoughts. We focus on squeaky wheels because they are irritating, not because they are important. We want the irritation to go away. But oil isn’t the answer.


I’m Sorry You Feel That Way

I'm Sorry You Feel That Way

A key employee on your team asks to speak with you about a sensitive issue in which you have a role. You have an “Open Door Policy” so the two of you meet. When she explains the issues from her point of view, your impatient response is: “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Your spouse » Read More

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