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Letting Go with Grace

letting go

It’s been a tough week. Our son – the most remarkable, capable, smart, fun, likable, insightful young man I know (a completely unbiased assessment) -  moved into his first apartment. While I’m bursting with pride that he’s so well-prepared for and excited about the next phase of his life, it’s a loss… and it changes » Read More


Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: The ROI of Conversations at Work


In this post, Anne Giles Clelland discusses an upcoming book by Lead Change Instigator Julie Winkle Giulioni. “When I read a list of tips from Beverly Kaye’s and Julie Winkle Giulioni’s Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want, I wondered about the Return on Investment, the ROI, of following these tips vs. the ROI of just » Read More


Leadership Perspective: You’ve Got Their Attention Now!

office work

When I was deep in the trenches of senior leadership several years ago, I discovered a vital piece of information that every leader needs to know. And, as I check in with leaders now, it is apparent that most of them have not yet had this ah-ha moment. Are you ready for it? Employees often » Read More


Talk less to get your employees to listen


Whenever managers talk to me about work issues, the conversation inevitably turns to employees seeming to “not listen.” Evidence? Work is not getting done according to plan. It’s not meeting requirements or not on time, or not getting done at all. I often hear some form of the frustrated plea, “They just need to understand » Read More


Lessons from the “Me First” Generation

JB 10x 15

It may be tempting to dismiss the millennial generation as a bunch of spoiled brats, however we have something important to learn from the millennial mindset. The millennial outlook on life is forcing previous generations to reconsider some serious workplace issues. Read More…


In a NOW World, Employee Engagement is Not an Option

Happy People

“This economic crisis doesn’t represent a cycle,” says Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, about The Great Recession. “It represents a reset. It’s an emotional, raw social, economic reset. People who understand that will prosper. Those who don’t will be left behind.” We are living in the Age of Mass Customization, a term coined » Read More


Compensation and Class Warfare

Black limousine in Hong Kong

I recently interacted with someone on Google+ related to a post showing “average CEO pay in the US” compared to other nations.  It stated flatly that the pay was 475 times the pay of the average worker.  So I questioned the source. The source is a blog called Payscale.com and another he cited was the » Read More


We Need People Who Can Lead Regardless Of Their Title


The success of any organization be it a business, non-profit, educational institution or government, depends on its people. All the fancy strategies, creations and technology mean absolutely nothing without people to make it happen. In fact, people have to develop those strategies and make decisions about using them. People have to create the products and » Read More

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