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10 Management Lessons from Dragon Army

Business insights can come from unexpected places, including children’s literature. Science fiction writer Orson Scott Card paints a marvelous portrait of people management, vividly contrasting what motivates and what demoralizes, and what creates excellence versus lackluster results.


Is Your Way The Only Way?


[This blog post is based on concepts from Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans.] Or do you tend to yield? Do you give power away to your talented people? Veronika, a manager in a global drug research and development company, woke up one morning and recognized that 20 » Read More


Helping Others To Grow – A Leader’s Duty

Leadership Skills Diagram on a blackboard

If we take into account the amount of pressure that we place on those in executive, management and leadership roles within companies it becomes understandable as to why, on occasion, these individuals may forget some aspects of their role as a leader. The majority of leaders will prioritise overseeing the running of the business or » Read More


Innovation: a Case for Entitlement (really!)


Isn’t it amazing how we complain about our federal government’s lack of guts to do anything about the entitlements and yet we do nothing about it in our own organizations. Have you looked at your own organization lately?  I’ve looked at a bunch of them – and the sense of entitlement, the ‘right’ to not » Read More


The Four Pillars of Encouraging Leadership

happy people

To encourage is to be a leader who makes a difference by manifesting a positive belief in others. “Humans need encouragement as much as plants need water. We constantly encourage or discourage those around us and thereby contribute materially to their greater or lesser ability to function.” Rudolf Dreikurs The value of encouragement is often » Read More


32 Pivotal Leadership Gifts to Improve Performance and Productivity

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Tis the Season In a recent survey, 65% of Americans said they would choose a better boss before a raise in pay. I venture to guess that the teams these folks work in could be far more productive. If you’re reading this, you’re already on your way to improving that statistic. Can you find another » Read More


Who’s Leading Who?

roundabout sign

Do I influence the people around me or do they influence me? Is my sphere-of-influence those I influence or those who influence me? Who’s leading who? Seth Godin wrote a post a few of days ago about a Fire in South Buffalo. He talked about how the media seems to play on our fears and » Read More


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Often, it’s too easy to do nothing.  It’s too easy to let the days pass without pushing yourself and others to make a difference.  We can all use the encouragement of a community dedicated to the same ideals. Why not take a minute and make sure you get a monthly reminder to keep you moving » Read More


Are you Aly?


Her name is Aly. A close friend of a special classmate of mine from Seton Hall University’s Master of Arts program in Strategic Communication & Leading, Aly became an “angelfriend” – one of thousands of people battling blood-related cancers when I raised funds while training and ultimately finishing my first marathon in San Diego, CA. » Read More


5 ideas for improving how you manage people


As a manager, you are responsible for a wide range of activities. Recruiting. Establishing a positive work environment in your group. Setting expectations. Managing performance. Making decisions. Coaching. Dealing with poor or marginal performers. Each of these responsibilities requires a unique blend of Relating and Requiring skills. Are you using the right combination, in each situation, to get great business results and foster strong relationships?

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