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Tips for Better Listening based on 7 Types of Listeners

Tips for Better Listening | Lead Change Group

Exceptional listening skills can be the difference between a good team and a great team. Genuine listening builds trust, credibility and respect. When you fully listen instead of trying to compose a reply right away, the result is a relevant and on-target response. What you say when you do respond is proof of how well » Read More


10 Tips to Create Engaging Presentations


Good leadership is dependent on good communication. While someone might feel perfectly at ease speaking to a room full of people, his or her presentation skills are what really distinguish a good leader.  We all know the feeling of sitting through a long and dull presentation: our attention and interest for the subject matter get » Read More


Becoming a Character Based Leader

Statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial

Character Based Leadership is the conscious choice to be an Ambassador – To place the greater good, the purpose of the organization and the needs of others above your own desires. It starts with a decision to lead with integrity, the understanding that everything you do is observed and evaluated by others as either authentic » Read More


16 Beliefs Held By Effective People Managers

Your personal beliefs can enhance or limit your effectiveness as a manager. These beliefs influence the way you communicate with others, make decisions, handle conflicts and much more. Here are 16 beliefs that can help you manage people optimally. What others would you add to this list?


Ten EveryDay Leadership Decisions


In the course of your day as a leader you are faced with many decisions. Some come in emails, some in inquiries, and some in meetings. Some you have time to consider, for some you will rely on input from others, and others you must make immediately. There’s no question, leadership requires decision-making. The decisions » Read More


Five Factors that Make the BEST Stand Out Year After Year.


USA Today’s Robert Bianco, says there are five factors that the great TV specials share in common. What does this mean for leaders?

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