Becoming a Character Based Leader

Character Based Leadership is the conscious choice to be an Ambassador - To place the greater good, the purpose of the organization and the needs of others above your own desires.

It starts with a decision to lead with integrity, the understanding that everything you do is observed and evaluated by others as either authentic or as disingenuous, and the commitment to audit yourself:

  • How do you greet people when you see them?
  • How do you treat people when you are under pressure?
  • Do you follow through on your commitments?
  • What do you say about others when they are not around?
  • Are your actions and directions to others ethical?

It means walking around and engaging with others, asking questions and seeking first to understand:

  • Are there specific concerns?  And have they been addressed?
  • Is the direction clear?
  • Are the necessary tools available?
  • Is consistent support provided?

It means having the courage to consistently speak truth instead of giving into fear and politics:

  • What are the specific items that are creating barriers to success or increasing risk?
  • Is there anyone else that needs to be involved?
  • What are you doing to make sure the obstacles are being removed?

And it requires balancing both compassion and accountability for your own actions and when you address the actions of others:

  • What have you learned about root causes for this issue?
    • What have you done or not done to contribute to this issue?
    • How can you take ownership of this issue?
  • Are historical patterns being repeated with the expectation of different results?
    • Are there signs of improvement or are you managing decline?
    • Is it time to change strategies?

“A Level 5 leader is an individual who blends extreme personal humility with intense professional will.”

Jim Collins, Author of GOOD TO GREAT



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