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Engaging Employees: The Economics of Micro Ingenuity


Wouldn’t it be a dream if every employee could add $13,000 to the bottom line of your business each and every year? No need to dream because research shows that’s exactly what happens when an employee shifts from being disengaged to engaged. Read More…  


Leadership Integrity Ethics and Morals

Leadership, Integrity Ethics and Morals. How do you relate the words. In this guest post by Jim Furr, you’ll see an interesting connection…


Biased Justification for Poor Leadership


I just finished reading an article published by Entrepreneur.com written by George Cloutier: The Turnaround Ace. The title of the article is Your Company Is not a Democracy: The most effective leaders are benevolent dictators who hold employees accountable. It brought back memories of several jobs I have had so I thought, in the spirit » Read More

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