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Which Comes First?

chicken and egg

In preparation for an upcoming executive education session, I conducted a quick pulse survey earlier this month. I wanted to understand whether the leaders attending my training believe that there is a difference in the importance of career development to their employees based upon their current level of performance. And they do. A Picture of » Read More


2014: The Year of Your Career


When it comes to career development, leaders frequently put themselves at the back of the line. Day in and day out, they handle customers, employees, and the business. They execute strategies and tactics. They help others learn, perform, and grow. And there’s often little left for themselves. The problem with this selflessness is that it’s » Read More


Coaching is Not Kleenex

coaching image

Have you noticed how frequently the word ‘coaching’ is used these days? You don’t read an article, attend a leadership workshop, or even speak with managers without ‘coaching’ being generously referenced.  It’s used to describe the act of: Helping someone do something Chewing others out Passing along information Delegating a task Recognizing what’s gone well » Read More


Are You Creating a Safe to Say Environment?


“Safe to Say” was the term one of my clients used to describe the kind of environment they wanted to create. By “Safe to Say” they meant people felt comfortable sharing bad news and could openly talk about what was not working and what they did not like without fear of repercussions formally or informally. » Read More


The ‘Annual Performance Appraisal’ Needs a New Name

A surprising number of organizations still deliver once-a-year performance appraisals without providing much interim feedback. Have you considered the dangers of this approach?


The ‘Engagement Ring’

engagement ring4

You’ve seen the research. Read the reports. Talked to leaders and employees alike. You know that despite our quantifiable understanding of the bottom-line impact of employee engagement, it continues to elude most organizations. The reason engagement is such a sought-after commodity is because it’s a powerful contributor to a cycle that every business wants and » Read More


Leadership Perspectives: A Better Form of Feedback


  Dan Rockwell wrote a blog a short time ago entitled “Overcoming the Downside of Excellence” in which he said, “Participants, on the other hand, build the future by offering insightful evaluations coupled with positive suggestions. Momentum: “Should have” ties to the past. “Next time” maintains momentum. Bonus tip: “What worked” and “What didn’t work” » Read More


What Employees Will Say About You On the Exit Survey

thorns pxleyes

Employees leave.  That’s about as guaranteed as death and taxes.  Almost as equally guaranteed is the use of the exit survey. HR departments seek feedback from exiting employees on their employment experience. Some conduct live interviews. Some, electronic surveys. Some, both. Whatever the mode for collecting feedback, HR wants to know what worked, what didn’t » Read More


Feedback & Coaching: Putting the Pieces Together


Feedback is apart of every organization and a very important part of leadership and employee development. Daniel Pink’s book Drive explains, “We inhabit a landscape of lush feedback in most realms of our life. We play a video game and we get a score. We press a button on the ATM and we get our » Read More


Interview with Mike Figliuolo of thoughtLEADERS LLC

Mike Figliuolo | Lead Change Group

Today, I have the opportunity to interview Mike Figliuolo (@thoughtLEADERS) Managing Director of thoughtLEADERS LLC.  Mike was recently named the Columbus, Ohio Small Business Leader of the Year for 2010 and just released One Piece of Paper, The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership.  Henry – Mike, thanks for doing this interview.  Could you share » Read More

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