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How to Be Wrong – Origins of Lead Change Group Part 6


Have you ever choked? I’m not talking about dinner. Choking is a performance analogy. I’ve been fortunate to play Pebble Beach Golf Links. In the golf world, it’s about as close as you can get to the center of the universe. The course is beautiful and often so is the weather. Incredible. When you spend » Read More


The F Word – Origins of Lead Change Part 4

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This is the fourth part of a series on the origins of the Lead Change Group based on one of the key books that inspired me to take action: Tribes by Seth Godin. For links to all the posts, check out this page. On page 42 of Tribes, Seth Godin remarks that there are no » Read More


Leadership Means No More Silver Bullets

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Over the past 20+ years I have witnessed a repeated and troubling pattern that occurs far too frequently.  The recurring pattern I’m referring to is when organizations choose to settle for a “silver bullet” solution.  With the hope of quickly getting rid of a problem, many organizations are blindly adopting a “cookie-cutter” approach without asking » Read More


7 Saboteurs of Business Success

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Harvard Business School is one of the oldest, most-acclaimed MBA-granting institutions in America. Its success relies heavily on case studies. Students read exhaustive write-ups of both monumental successes and abject failures, with the point being to learn what works—and what doesn’t. In the spirit of HBS’s “what doesn’t” case studies, here’s a list of the » Read More


Leaders Who Coach

Business success

‘Leadership’ has been defined, re-defined and re-re-defined. While there are many ways to demonstrate leadership and as many different situations demanding even more hybrid applications of leadership: in order for people to work in organized and efficient modes toward successful results, leadership is required. In the context of the fast-paced, ever changing workplace of today, » Read More


Urgent or Important

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We have talked about vision in previous posts such as Can You Taste It?  Energize, Mobilize & Guide, Shared Vision, Align Your Vision and Own Your Vision.  As a follow up to the whole series, let’s do a short check to see how you’re doing at deciding what’s most important. As the leader of your » Read More


Align your Vision and Purpose

Line of sight

We have talked about vision in previous posts such as Can You Taste It?,  Energize, Mobilize & Guide, and Shared Vision.  Now we need to check to make sure your vision is aligned. Do you know the purpose of your team?  Can you articulate the strategic reason your team exists?  Does your team’s vision align » Read More


Multicolored Leadership

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I’ve read a few articles criticizing Warren Bennis and others for the way they tend to polarize leaders vs. managers or leaders vs. managers and supervisors.  Wally Bock always has an interesting perspective and he posted a much commented Three Star Leadership blog post here.  Wally has rich experience in leadership development, developing new leaders, » Read More


Furloughs or Commitment


I read a very perceptive post on Harvard Business Review’s blog by Tammy Erickson called How the Recession Is Changing Talent Management. You need to read the article because she presents a compelling case for how the actions of businesses contribute to the prevailing attitude of free-agency in managerial and professional workers. She claims that » Read More

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