Align your Vision and Purpose

We have talked about vision in previous posts such as Can You Taste It?,  Energize, Mobilize & Guide, and Shared Vision.  Now we need to check to make sure your vision is aligned.

Do you know the purpose of your team?  Can you articulate the strategic reason your team exists?  Does your team's vision align with your organization's vision?

Say you're in a technical support role.  There is a strategic benefit your company receives from paying your salary and giving you a place to work.  You may never talk to customers or make a sale, but you contribute a key function to the overall mission of your organization.  Regardless of your functional area, as a manager - make that leader - you need to know your team's strategic purpose and actively share that purpose, inspiring people toward that purpose in a way that energizes your teammates to join in the cause.  Your organization has a "greatest purpose" for your team.

Strategic Purpose

So, do you know the most strategic purpose for your team?  Are you clear on that purpose?  If not, step back from the moment-to-moment drama of your job and list all the tasks performed by your team.  What value does your team deliver to your organization?

Once you've made your list, force rank those functions or results:

  • What is the greatest value your team brings to the game?
  • Can you drill to the top item?
  • If you owned the company, would you pay the cost of your group for the benefit you receive?
  • Would you be your team's customer?
  • Would you be a satisfied customer?

Now, which of those are the greatest?

How do you measure up?

If you went to the range, how would you score?  Are you known for helping your team focus on the part of the target that produces the best chance for victory?  Or do you concentrate on all of the not-so-important details that support the center?  Are all of those reports and additional services necessary?  Must every team member be at every meeting?  What can you do to help your team align their actions with the pinnacle of their purpose?  The answer to that question may be the difference between success and everything else.

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