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Pesky wasps and being right

choose being kind

The three of us were chatting in the break room, catching up and munching  croissants from the bakery on the corner. “Sounds like last night’s event was terrific,” sighed Fran. “I wish I’d been invited.” “Me, too,” I replied. “Both of you were invited,” Penny asserted vigorously. “I sent you an email invitation but neither of » Read More


Please Help Me Fail: Learning How to Fail Better

failing better

Failing happens.  Helping our teams to learn from failure can be one of the most vital aspects of our role as leaders.  Even when the situation seems devastating, how we show up can make a tremendous difference in someone’s growth. John Maxwell talks about this well in “Failing Forward.” In fact, I have bought many copies » Read More


The Top 3 Mistakes New Managers & Leaders Make … (from this coach’s perspective)


Whether you are a newly promoted manager, recently hired executive or have been in your position for some time, odds are if you are not ahead of the game, you may make one or more of these potentially costly mistakes: Mistake #1: Ignoring the obvious What it looks like: You are the “new person on » Read More


4 Practices to Avoid as a New Leader


In life, we sometimes learn more from the leaders and managers that were not effective, because we learn what not to do. The experience we gained will aid in our overall development as leader. So below, I’ve listed 4 practices to avoid as a new leader. Being a bull in a china shop—By this I » Read More


5 Actions To Take After a Huge Failure


It’s out there… the headlines are printed, the paper is printed and the world is reading the news over morning coffee. Information once hidden is now fairly public. Someone has messed up and the consequences are splashed across the information landscape. The conversation might be as broad as the news media, or as narrow as » Read More


Mistakes and Learning by Harold J. Smith


Mistakes and Progress – Coach Wooden

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