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Is simple thought leadership as valuable as something elaborate?

A recent conversation with friend and co-author Jennifer V. Miller about the value of leadership fables caused me to examine my love of simplicity in business, leadership and life. Does a simple message have the depth of an elaborate one? Is one easier to remember than the other? Are simple messages as valuable or as long » Read More


Go to 3,000 ft. to Get a More Reflective Big Picture Perspective

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia
Source: Bill Fox

I’ve always had a fascination with looking at things from a higher perspective. When I was growing up, I used to hike to the top of nearby hills to take pictures of the town where I lived. When I started flying, I was completely captivated by the change in perspective. Everything looks completely different at » Read More


How to Take Charge of Your Leadership Fears

no fear

Have You Been There? You’re at your desk, head pounding, anxiety gnawing deep in your gut. The email you just received stares back at you from the screen and you: Worry that the problem in front of you is too big. Are fearful that you’ve screwed up and there’s no saving it. Are anxious that » Read More


Lead, Touch, and Agree


The army taught me a concept or two about leadership. What did I learn? Show up, reach out and connect.  These tenants of leadership are the cornerstone for making an impact and achieving results. When these three acts are evident, followers take notice and ready themselves for progress whether it’s in boardrooms, shop floors, office » Read More


Two Leadership Essentials in Times of Change and Uncertainty

wenyIMAGE 2

It has almost become cliché to say that we are living in times of uncertainty. Our global economic situation is unstable and highly complex, weather has become more extreme and the speed of change leaves many of us breathless. Read the complete article on instigator Wendy Appel’s blog. Photo (c) David Templeton-2007


What Your Attitude Needs Is A Swift Kick in the Butt…


I hate being around “downers.” You know the kind I’m talking about. Not only is the glass “half empty” to them, but they would be quick to add, “My glass is chipped, it has a greasy film on it, the water is lukewarm and hey, I wanted tea, not water!” I want to have a » Read More


WEadership Practice #1: Adopt a Wide-Angle Point of View

Mano vs. Telescope

This post is the second in a series that began here. We are summarizing the findings of a one-year study of workforce leadership and through that process, we have identified six practices next-generation leaders are using to be effective; a new model of leadership we call WEadership, in a nod to its collaborative nature. Practice » Read More


Purpose-Driven Productivity

Purpose Driven Productivity

A LeadChange “Best of Blogs” post, originally shared on KnowledgeBishop.com A woman and her small boy are walking down a cobblestone path in the sweltering summer sun. As they round the bend, they come upon three men on their knees, each with a brick in one hand and a trowel in the other. “Mama, what » Read More

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