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The Unemployed Leader

The Unemployed Leader | Lead Change Group

“Can you drive down for a budget meeting?” my boss asked. Even though it meant a two-and-a-half-hour drive, I wasn’t surprised by the request. I compiled my budget materials accordingly. Walking into my boss’s office, the President/CEO was there. “He’ll be right in,” he said. The air in the room felt heavy, and we sat » Read More


Every Job is a Leadership Position


Susan Mazza (@SusanMazza) shared a post titled Every Job is a Leadership Position over on Random Acts of Leadership a few days ago.  She expounds on some terms we use here quite a bit related to the difference between positional leadership and character-based leadership.  Positional leadership is influence or authority having a title.  But you » Read More


“Respect Must Be Earned” – Leaders, Are You Comfortable Being Held to a Higher Standard?

Respect Must Be Earned | Lead Change Group

Bosses, no, I really don’t intend on making you a target of disrespect. Earlier this year I expounded on how much this phrase, “respect must be earned,” bugs me, in the context of a manager to employee relationship — mainly because it can be misinterpreted and give license to immature or unscrupulous managers to treat » Read More


Leadership via Job Loss

Overcome Obstacle

Let’s get one thing straight: Unemployed is not who you are, it is a situation you are working through. Your leadership capabilities have not been lost along with your job; in fact, job loss is the optimal time to expand your leadership presence. Because here’s the thing, guys and gals: Your career is ongoing whether » Read More


What Really Makes You a Leader?

hands with heart

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post referencing a recent family summer vacation to Hilton Head.  I experienced such joy watching my children during that week that I felt moved to write about it.  I found ways to relate my kids’ activities to “leadership lessons” that I thought were great reminders for us » Read More


What Does it Take to ReImagine Work Relationships? Part 2


Part 1 of this post concluded with the question, “What would your ideal work culture look like?”  Here’s an expanded version of my response. Over and over the human beings in our workplaces are marginalized, as if the task to get done is more important than employees feeling as though their contributions make a difference.  » Read More


What Does it Take to ReImagine Work Relationships? Part 1


Our American work culture is evolving.  Many “people in charge” (I hesitate to call them leaders) have lost their way – they’ve have lost track of the very distinctive value that Human resources bring to making our businesses prosper.  If we are to capitalize on the unique value of Human beings at work, the fundamental » Read More


Sources of Leadership

Lion portrait  on black background

The way I see it there are only two sources of leadership.  Will you lead because you are in a position of leadership or because you are a person of leadership? “Leadership is influence.” John Maxwell Position Some people think of a leader as the person “in charge.”  If the person in charge was better » Read More

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