Leadership via Job Loss

Let’s get one thing straight: Unemployed is not who you are, it is a situation you are working through.

Your leadership capabilities have not been lost along with your job; in fact, job loss is the optimal time to expand your leadership presence.

Because here’s the thing, guys and gals: Your career is ongoing whether or not you are currently employed. In 2010, we all have the opportunity to position ourselves as leaders in our field regardless of whether or not we are employed by someone else.

Your career is ongoing whether or not you are currently employed.

Think of it this way: You have not lost your talents, abilities and skill sets! Do you not have a strong network of friends and former colleagues? Do you realize that you have the ability to stay immersed in your field of interest while establishing yourself as a leader in the process?

Social media and personal branding makes all of this possible. Joining groups on LinkedIn, collaborating and sharing value on Twitter, posting relevant content on Facebook and interacting with other leaders in your field will dramatically boost your job search in ways that simply sending resumes does not. An additional benefit? Your leadership in and of itself will pave the way to your new career.

Do you have value to offer others? Of course you do – start and maintain a blog centered around your career passions and open your own YouTube channel. Take it a step further and participate in BlogTalk radio shows; better yet, create and host your own. You are the solution to an organization’s problem - they just need to know you are out there. If you aren’t visible, they can’t find you.

If you are reading this, you are already a leader. You network with intent, serve your followers, cultivate strong professional relationships and collaborate with others in your field of interest. You are solution-oriented, visionary and most of all – you have passion for leadership. You add value on a daily basis. You lead while you serve your followers.

For many people, a layoff may be the catalyst to an entirely new and exciting career.  After all, it is your actions, not your title, which make you a leader.

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