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Irrevocable Principle

I read a great post today by Seth Godin titled Bullying is theft. Seth is a great and prolific writer and he used a term that I want to explore: irrevocable principle. His point was if we want to eliminate bullying in an organization, we need to treat the problem like what it is, theft. » Read More


The Purpose of Rules and Principles


There is something we can all learn from this as we think about the rules we put in place, whether it is to maintain order amidst the potential for chaos, to right a wrong, to protect people from harm, or to simply try to ensure there is fairness to all involved. Rules can of course » Read More


Compromise: Informed, Intentional and Productive

compromise informed, intentional and productive

I didn’t get the memo. Did you? You know, the one that says compromise is negative and should be avoided? Somewhere along the line, compromise (defined by Merriam-Webster as a settlement of differences by consent reached through mutual concessions, one of those “playing well in the sandbox” skills my mom taught me) got confused with » Read More


Leadership Void

Rock climber reaching across a gap

When you’re called to lead, are you ready? I’m not talking about leading people through a project, transition, or crisis. That’s leadership with a capital “L”, the type we love to debate on this blog and yes, it’s hugely important. There are other ways to lead too— less obvious, perhaps, but no less influential. These » Read More


Leaders: Be Gr-r-reat!


As a lad, I lived for Saturday morning cartoons. Long before DVR, a boy needed an alarm clock catch the Super-Friends at 6 AM. And though a wide assortment of cartoons whizzed by until Noon, there was a consistent message throughout: “They’re GREAT!”  See that was the catch-phrase of Tony the Tiger, the cartoon pitchman » Read More

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