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Reflect for Success

Reflect for Success

In The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John Maxwell illuminates the importance of learning to “pause to allow growth to catch up with you.” He refers to this as the Law of Reflection. There is another habit, however, often masquerading as reflection, that can undermine your success. That habit is processing. What I mean by “processing” » Read More


The Work of ColLABORation


Done well, collaboration looks effortless. It appears to be a fluid give-and-take, a hand-in-glove partnership among individuals who make it all look natural and easy. But these appearances belie the fact that ‘labor’ is at the center of collaboration… and that most collaboration is the result of very deliberate work and attention. Take Kym, a » Read More


Go to 3,000 ft. to Get a More Reflective Big Picture Perspective

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia
Source: Bill Fox

I’ve always had a fascination with looking at things from a higher perspective. When I was growing up, I used to hike to the top of nearby hills to take pictures of the town where I lived. When I started flying, I was completely captivated by the change in perspective. Everything looks completely different at » Read More


Beyond New Year’s Resolutions: Building on Your Leadership Success

The new year brings great opportunities for resolutions, goals, commitments and planning.  Some great thought leaders have been sharing insights and inspiration on how to approach this important time. John Bossong inspires us to “create a new finish line,” “Create a new finish line. That’s what you can do in the New Year.  Who cares » Read More


2013 and Beyond

World Dreams

We have another 26,000 years to get it right  – what is your vision for Year 1? The end of the Mayan calendar has caused great consternation around the world, with people cashing in their investments and giving them away; others going into major debt doing everything they have always wanted to do; or some, » Read More


Leadership From a 3,000 ft. Perspective: Envisioning a bridge from where you are to where you want to go

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

I read a lot of books. On average, I read about one book every week. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve made it a practice to read the books of experts whom I interview for the 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success interview series. Recently I completed reading “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean: Lessons » Read More

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