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Five Ways to Build Distrust

The Hard Truth About Trust

There are certain core leadership principles that run deep in leading well, and one is trust. Trust doesn’t just happen. Although trust should be second nature, the reality is trust takes effort. This isn’t an effort in a time-consuming way but in a fully-engaged leading way. In fact, distrust is easier to do and may » Read More

1 Way to Define Your Leadership


I was recently asked to give a talk at a conference where the theme was “Define Yourself.” In preparation for outlining what I might talk about, I reflected on all the ways that one can define themselves. Two ideas immediately popped: You define yourself by the things you do or don’t do – what you » Read More


Leading a significant life


Deep within each one of us there is an inner desire to live a life of significance and contribution. Each one of us, is longing for a better future. We want to make a difference. We want to leave the world a better place. We can start the journey by asking ourselves- Do we live » Read More


Teaching is Leading


In the Lead Change Google+ community, we host a Question of the Week. It is a time for people to stop, think, write, and exchange ideas and insights. It is an amazing community thing! A recent question was: “In looking back, which teacher or professor made the biggest difference or impact in your life? It » Read More


Everything I Learned About Collaborative Leadership

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Over the last few weeks, I have been working together with a team to prepare a proposal in response to The Children’s Trust (TCT) Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) “Safe and Supportive Communities: Place-Based Service Partnerships for At-Risk Populations.” The purpose of this competitive solicitation is to identify 16 place-based service partnerships to address child abuse prevention, » Read More


Everything I Learned About Servant Leadership

February 18, 2013 COI Bonding Trip to Lowell and Marion Correctional Facilities

On March 6 and 7, I attended the World Leaders Conference 2013 in West Palm Beach, Florida. This was my second time attending this dynamic conference focused on defining the philosophy and practice of servant leadership. As I listened to the speakers discuss their experiences in servant leadership, I realized that everything I had learned about » Read More


The Leader and the Boss

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Are you a leader? Or a boss? Do you know the difference between the leader and the boss? In this article, you will be able to differentiate between the two and distinguish if you are a leader or you are acting as a boss.  Leader, the role of the leader is to lead the people. » Read More


Civility: The New Employee Attraction and Retention Strategy


Workplace attractiveness is an optimistic attitude or a positive emotion an individual has towards an organization (Aiman-Smith et al. 2001).  The attraction process involves a job seeker’s estimate of how well they “feel” their personal needs and values fit the organization’s culture. Gaining an understanding of the factors that can impact the attraction phase of this » Read More


What great leaders know and do

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The best leaders have a secret. It’s what enables them to outperform the rest. Do you know what it is? It’s probably not what you think. Certainly, great leaders are women and men of extraordinary vision who rally people to pursue a preferred future. The best leaders do more than cast a compelling vision — » Read More


Serving as a Leader


Servant Leadership is one the most effective ways to make a positive impact on your organization and the members within it. We have all heard the saying “Lead By Example,” but Servant Leadership takes leading by example to the next level. Leadership is about developing, growing and serving others. Servant leaders focus on the needs » Read More

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