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Heretical Leadership

Painted Easter eggs among white fresh eggs in carton packaging

Fitting In Our world encourages us to fit in.  Sure there are many on the Internet and in popular media who seem to suggest that we should stand out.  Seth Godin is one of many that have embraced the individualistic appeal of the Internet age (or the Individual Age) and encouraged people to stand out » Read More


Stand Out


I read a paragraph the other day that reminded me of why I started the Lead Change Group. Fit in too much, though, and nothing much happens. Where are the self-appointed agitators and firebrands, the people who will egg you on and push you to stand out for something?  Seth Godin Linchpin page 202. This » Read More


Speak Your Truth To Power

Speak Your Truth to Power | Lead Change Group

What we love in childhood often comes back to us with an “ah-ha!” weaving a tighter pattern when we look back over the tapestry of our life and finally see where that pretty colorful thread we once played with has lead us in maturity. Reflective leaders usually have many such stories at play in their » Read More


Lonely at the Top? Not Necessarily.


I still hear that a lot. How lonely it is at the top. How difficult it is to remain a character-based leader. How it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Right? Well, as I said, not necessarily. Last night I was watching The Scent of a Woman for the umpteenth time. I » Read More


Becoming Visible


“The most important decisions of our lives will require us to forsake invisibility and risk becoming visible. Whenever you choose to seize a divine moment, you move from the isolation of invisibility to the dangers of visibility in order to make what is invisible visible.”   Erwin McManus Last night, near dusk, we spotted a turkey in the » Read More

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