Becoming Visible

“The most important decisions of our lives will require us to forsake invisibility and risk becoming visible. Whenever you choose to seize a divine moment, you move from the isolation of invisibility to the dangers of visibility in order to make what is invisible visible.”   Erwin McManus

Last night, near dusk, we spotted a turkey in the ravine behind our home. Well-camoflauged, it blended into the brown tree trunks and leaves. I had to strain my eyes to see it. Even then, I could barely distinguish the turkey from the landscape. It was only because I stood still — waiting — that I could see it at all.

Far more visible were the cardinals I saw earlier in the day, while out jogging. Their bright red feathers announced their presence, their bold hues a sharp relief to the brown bare branches where they landed.

Wild turkeys wear safe colors to blend with their surroundings; male cardinals strut their color to attract the attention of other birds.

In our lives, we can choose to be safe and comfortable — we can choose to fade into the background, barely noticeable, invisible —or, we can choose to take a risk — we can choose to be bold, show our colors, call attention to ourselves, become visible to the world around us.

You cannot make a difference while remaining invisible, safe, comfortable, and alone.

To make a difference as leaders, we must make the choice to be visible.

How can we become visible to the world around us?

We can stand for something. To make a difference as leaders, we need to stand for something. In the Lead Change group, we stand for making a positive difference in the world around us through character-based leadership. We are standing up to say that who we are as leaders is of primary importance.

We can stand together. Alone, it is easier to fade into the crowd. Together, we cannot be ignored. When we join together, the strength of our numbers sends a powerful message to others. We are a powerful us. When we stand together, others will notice. We will attract attention.

We can choose to be bold and colorful through taking action. In order to attract attention, we need to be bold and colorful. The best way for us to show our colors is to take action. We need to do something. What we each choose to do will be different. But as we get involved in our communities, stepping out to make a difference, we will splash color and light with every step we take.

Choose to become visible. Give up comfort and safety and take risks. Join with others to show your colors and make a difference.

What other ways can we become visible? What prevents you from becoming visible? How can the LeadChange group help you become more visible?


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