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No Fair!


 Nothing is fair in this world. You might as well get that straight right now. – Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees Babies as young as 15 months grasp fairness, according to Jennifer Welsh in Live Science.  So does every employee in your organization. (And they may grasp unfairness with even greater clarity!) » Read More


The Transparency Debate: How Much Should Leaders Share?

authentic leadership

As leaders grow in levels of responsibility, scope and scale, the issue of “transparency” becomes more significant.  Executives have insights into confidential strategy, complex nuances, and serious situations.  They also have large teams and a customer base watching every move.   It’s common practice for leaders to pull back more as they rise in the » Read More


DIY Leadership Development: Easy Leadership Programs You Can Run Yourself

leadership development

Formal leadership development programs are invaluable when developing leadership talent.  Getting outside perspective is vital, and external facilitation can make all the difference.  It’s also possible to supplement these programs with workshops leaders run themselves.  Such programs provide leaders an opportunity to share mindset, enhance transparency, and review lessons learned. I spent the first decade » Read More


11 Steps to Create Unity and Loyalty


If there is one difference maker in organizations, it may be the leaders’ ability to create unity and loyalty. Unity and loyalty often make the difference between mediocrity and greatness. When I see an organization that lacks personal accountability and has a toxic culture of finger pointing and blame, it is usually the result of » Read More


Transparency and Leadership


A recent book by a new friend got me thinking about transparency and leadership.  The book is Business at the Speed of NOW by John M. Bernard.  John’s an Instigator here at Lead Change.  We met through social media and we’ve spoken a few times about how the Internet and a number of other issues » Read More


9 ways to sink employee engagement


In recent weeks, several articles have offered worthwhile ideas on how to boost worker motivation. But experts have been sharing this counsel for years, and employee engagement continues to decline. This post focuses on nine specific things that damage engagement. What’s at play in your organization?


Five Factors that Make the BEST Stand Out Year After Year.


USA Today’s Robert Bianco, says there are five factors that the great TV specials share in common. What does this mean for leaders?


The Benefit of Dissenting Opinion


I love vigorous debate, generally have an open mind, and actually enjoy having my thoughts and opinions challenged. If everyone always agreed with me conversation wouldn’t be very stimulating, and acquiring new knowledge and insight would certainly be more difficult. That said, I only really have the patience for intellectually honest discourse. I don’t care in the slightest about » Read More

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