The Path to Leadership

by  Bill Fox  |  Self Leadership
The Path to Leadership
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Anyone can be a leader at any level at any time and start to bring about change wherever they are. This has been my journey and one that I know that any person who wants to make a difference can do to impact their circumstances and bring about change.

Recently,  I published a follow-up article to talk about the responses I’m receiving to a journal article published by the Cutter Consortium last fall. I hope it will encourage others to speak from the heart and begin their own journey of self-leadership. The world needs you to show up.

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What People Are Saying

PM Hut  |  19 Mar 2013  |  Reply

Hi Bill,

I just read your article: “The path to leadership” and I have a quick question…

How do you share you previous successes without sounding like you’re bragging? Is there a way to do this while sounding as humble as possible?

I’m asking because I think humility is one of the fundamental characteristics of a true leader…

Thanks for sharing!

Bill Fox  |  20 Mar 2013  |  Reply

Hi PM Hut,

Thank you for taking time to comment and for asking a great question. I agree with your statement that it’s very important to not sound like you’re bragging when sharing successes. Speaking from my own experience, I have found that successes can be shared most easily when invitations arrive.

Perhaps the easiest and most comfortable place to share successes is with other like-minded people who are attracted to someone exercising self-leadership. I have discovered though my own work that these people will openly seek you out and want to know more. Humility is still appropriate, but it’s a welcoming and learning environment that makes it easy to talk about successes.

Another context that arises is when others recognize your successes. As long as that recognition is humbly received and acknowledged, I have found that very few will recognize this as bragging but there will always be some who will see it that way.

Finally, perhaps the most natural way to share successes by not bragging is by being the change. You will be an obvious and visible success to others.

Thanks again for the great question!

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