Top 10 Reasons You Won't Like The Character-Based Leader

by  Mike Henry  |  Character Based Leader Book

In case you haven’t heard, 21 of the Instigators of this group recently completed The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution… One Person at a Time.  We’ve received some positive press and some interesting sales numbers, but we don’t live in a wonder-land.

There is a bit of dis-order and anarchy behind the idea of character-based leadership.  It can be chaotic to consider everyone acting like a leader.  We know this book isn’t for everyone.  So in the interest of full-disclosure, we’d like to compile a warning-label for the book.

Top 10 Reasons You Won’t Like The Character-Based Leader book:

  1. You don’t read.
  2. You believe leaders are born, not made.
  3. You believe that only people as smart as you can lead. “Some people have to be followers.”
  4. You think that people should obey and not think for themselves.
  5. Your goal is to “climb your way to the top.”
  6. You think things will fall apart if everyone can “just do what they want.”
  7. You know the best way to get ahead is to follow all the rules.
  8. You see leadership as a position or a title.
  9. You think the best leaders are “benevolent tyrants.”
  10. You just want everyone to do things your way, for now.  “We can try this ‘leadership’ thing later.”

Have you read the book?  Are you a supporter of the idea of character-based leadership? If so, help us out.  Who else should we warn?  Would you add your own items to the list in the comments below?  Let’s help people who won’t like the book avoid it.  Please, do those people a favor by adding to the list below!

Author’s note: Reason 11 might be that you don’t recognize sarcasm.

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What People Are Saying

Christina Haxton  |  09 Oct 2012  |  Reply

I love this post! Can I add one? “You believe trust is earned yet demand people trust you and your decisions without question. To trust others to do their best work, to be creative and have the ability to solve challenges without your input threatens your position at some level, so to be on the safe side, you don’t go there.”

Mike Henry  |  09 Oct 2012  |  Reply

Thanks Christina for the great addition. Anyone who is trying to maintain a double-standard will probably find much to dislike. Thanks for helping with my omission! Mike…

Jon Mertz  |  09 Oct 2012  |  Reply

Others who should avoid The Character-Based Leader book — Leaders who believe integrity is for others, not them.

Great way to look at it, Mike. Hope the book is as successful as the content in it!



Mike Henry  |  09 Oct 2012  |  Reply

Another great addition Jon. Thanks very much.

David M. Dye  |  10 Oct 2012  |  Reply

You won’t like the CBL if being ‘right’ or having the spotlight is more important to you than being effective and accomplishing meaningful results.

Take care,


Mike Henry  |  11 Oct 2012  |  Reply

Agreed! Anyone who puts themselves above the team will probably give up on the book after a short while. Thanks David!

jane  |  11 Oct 2012  |  Reply

You will hate the CharacterBased Leader if you think the only way to get to the top is putting people down. The book is written by real people who have grown to be leaders who have hearts with integrity at their roots.

Mike Henry  |  09 Nov 2012  |  Reply

Sorry I never replied. Thanks for the great addition. There do seem to be a number of people who continue to believe that the way to rise above, is to push everyone else down. Thanks! Mike…

Gordon Tredgold  |  09 Nov 2012  |  Reply

You will hate this book, if you think, you should only talk the talk, but your staff should walk the walk

Mike Henry  |  09 Nov 2012  |  Reply

Gordon, great addition. Double standards are pervasive and sneaky. I have to watch myself, or I’m often judging people by a standard other than the one I want to be measured by. Thanks for the great comment. Mike…

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