Weaving A New Future For Lead Change

by  Becky Robinson  |  Community Involvement
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If you are reading this post, you have landed on the new Lead Change Group site. We are glad you are here.

You will notice that we have streamlined and simplified the site and added some new features: pages for Instigators and Leading Voices, new ways to participate, and events (more will be coming soon.)

As we re-ignite the movement here at Lead Change, we hope you will choose to make a positive difference with us. We welcome your content and will be sharing new editorial guidelines soon.

A few cool features: once you login to the site, you’ll see we’ve created a dashboard to make it easy for you to update your user profile. If you need help, please contact Joanna Jones, who is our community manager. When you submit content, we’ll review it and schedule it for posting.

Our team is committed to amplifying the content from this community with increased social sharing and momentum. We need each of you to join us in sharing the life-changing content posted here. We can make a positive difference, together.

What do you know about leading from who you are that you can share in this community to make a positive difference for leaders around the world?

How Will You Join The Lead Change Movement?

I am here because I believe that each of us can make a huge difference in the world by sharing what we know and who we are both online and offline. When we show up with positive intention, and give generously to others, we change the world in ways that we may never see.

This community is one place where we can show up with our best. We can help each other, encourage each other, and promote each other’s work. We can take relationships offline to make a bigger difference, as Mike and the early members of this group did when they gathered in Ft. Lauderdale for LeaderPalooza.

There is no limit to what we can do together. Would you help us by sharing this tweet?

Come join the community of difference-makers at Lead Change. Find out more at the NEW leadchangegroup.com. Click to tweet now.

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What People Are Saying

Mike Henry Sr.  |  01 Oct 2014  |  Reply

Becky, congratulations! And thank you for everything you’re doing to promote and grow character-based leadership in our world. I’m grateful for you, your team and your work. Thanks very much for the new site and the new energy. I’m looking forward to our next steps!


Becky Robinson  |  01 Oct 2014  |  Reply

Thank you, Mike! I am honored to continue your great work and grateful for your continued participation.

Mary C Schaefer  |  01 Oct 2014  |  Reply

Becky, the work you have done in such a short time is phenomenal. Kudos to your and your team. And your leadership is much appreciated. I look forward to working with you more. Mary

Becky Robinson  |  01 Oct 2014  |  Reply

Agreed! I look forward supporting your great work in the world, Mary. And the work in a short team is all the magic of the Weaving Influence team, especially our designer Rachel and developer John. I could not accomplish much without the supportive team!

Kimunya Mugo  |  01 Oct 2014  |  Reply

Congratulations Becky! Look forward to re-engaging with Lead Change…

Becky Robinson  |  01 Oct 2014  |  Reply

I look forward to your contributions, Kimunya!

Susan Mazza  |  01 Oct 2014  |  Reply

The new site is wonderful Becky and Team! So excited about all that is in store for Weaving Influence and the Lead Change community in this new chapter. Much gratitude to Mike Henry for the heart and soul he put into getting this movement to where it is and for finding a gifted shepherd for the next leg of our journey.

Becky Robinson  |  01 Oct 2014  |  Reply

Susan, thank you. I am grateful to journey with you. I appreciate all you do to help me and my team.

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