21st century leadership learnings from 2,500 years ago

Diversity is finally getting beyond discussions of race and gender to include experiences, talents, and ways of thinking. I’d like to add another type of diversity to the conversation — virtues. More than 2,500 years ago, Aristotle “created” the Virtues as a guide to leading a “happy life.” They still hold true; that’s why they’ve lasted this long!

Look at your organization, your teams. You see people with a mix of traits; some are very courageous, others conservative; some live and breathe customer delight, others obsess with operational excellence. These are examples of the classic virtues — the Greek four of courage, justice, prudence and temperance, and the Christian three of faith, hope and love (or charity). Let’s define them and see how having a diversity of virtues can apply in your organization and your teams to help you grow.

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