3 Reasons to Allow Pets in Your Workplace

Emotional support animals and therapy pets have risen in popularity over the years. This is because there is more and more research available on the positive ways pets affect our health. Recently, this has translated to the office as well as the home. Some companies now allow their employees to bring their pets into work with them, and others have adopted a "company pet" to keep around the office.

So why is there a sudden increase in new hires with fur, feathers, and fins? Not only are they great fun to have around, but studies show that they may make your job a happier and healthier place to be!

Here are three scientifically-backed benefits of allowing pets to come to work.

They liven up the daily grind.

Nothing brightens the mood quite like watching a playful pet! Even a little 10 gallon fish tank with some colorful fish is a great source of entertainment for bored employees.

Increased workplace monotony contributes to low productivity, stress, and employee absenteeism. Long hours working repetitive tasks can take a major toll on mental health. Having a pet on site to feed, watch, and play with can make the day much more enjoyable. Your employees may be motivated to come in to work just to check on the little guy! Willing, motivated employees are the ones most likely to perform at their best. The chance to interact with a company critter is a wonderful incentive to get through the rest of the day.

They may lead to less sick days.

The mental health benefits of keeping a pet are well known, but we tend to forget that there is a link between our mental and physical health. Stress-related physical illness is one of the greatest causes of absenteeism and one of the greatest contributors to rising healthcare costs in the workplace.

When compared to company wellness programs or expensive insurance plans, a pet is certainly the more affordable option. Caring for and playing with a fun pet provides a distraction from aches and pains, and can help alleviate the symptoms of illness. Studies have shown that having a pet can even decrease the risk of serious illnesses associated with stress, such as high blood pressure and even cardiovascular disease. A particularly active company pet can provide a bit of physical activity at a desk job. With all of the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle, this could be a lifesaver!

They encourage socialization in and out of the workplace.

Having an animal around will give your employees something to talk about. Caring for, feeding, and playing with the company pet offers an avenue for co-workers to come together. An office pet allows the employees to share the goal of keeping the animal happy and healthy, which will increase communication and cooperation while on the job. This will require interaction both in and out of the workplace. Employees will need to discuss whose turn it is to feed the pet, who will clean up after it, and other necessary tasks involved in petkeeping.

Furthermore, pet-keeping alleviates loneliness and social anxiety. Pets make people want to socialize with one-another, and an anxious person can always be assured that the pet will never judge them. Those who have trouble getting along with their co-workers may find their work day more bearable if they have a furry or finned co-worker they will always be able to get along with.


A new furry, feathered, or finned employee could be the most valuable asset to your company's team!

Animals provide the kind of companionship that you can't find anywhere else. Allowing them into the office will give your employees a familiar comfort during a long day's work. Pets make some of the greatest unofficial nurses and therapists, and in the office they can make the best cheerleaders and motivational speaker around.

Workplace stress has become an epidemic. Thankfully, a pet is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to relieve it. Even a simple aquarium can improve the mood in a major way and promote a positive work environment.

Of course, not every workplace is able to accommodate pets. However, if you can fit one into your company's work environment, the benefits make it a very worthy endeavor.

Robert Woods has been a fish keeping enthusiast ever since his parents bought him his first tank at age 4. Since then, he has gone on to keep hundreds of different species and now educates aquarists through his online publication Fishkeeping World, which aims to help anyone who wants to keep fish.

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