4 Steps to Influence Change Through Resistance

Great opportunities lie on the other side of the status quo.

We've all heard lines like, "We've never done it that way;" or "We tried that back in 1975..." or "That won't work."

Something inside you knows a process, product, or result can be improved. You're sure if they'd only listen, commit to a new idea, things would be better. Life wouldn't be so, so, SAME!

How do you inspire change when no one seems inspired?  How can you create energy when the inertia and the desire don't exist?

Progress through 4 different phases to influence change through resistance. Follow this plan and make progress changing things in spite of resistance.


You've heard it said that the person who chases 2 rabbits catches none. Figure out what one thing is most important to you. What is your great overarching goal?  Often, to find this top priority, I have to force rank things. I have to consider every objective and decide which of the 2 is most important or which is the highest priority. There can be no ties. Everything gets its own position. So if I rank something #1 and along comes something more important or higher priority, I have to move everything else down.  Finding your greatest goal is the absolute key because everything else is based on it. Your greatest goal will inspire, and require, your best effort.


Have you ever considered how important things get done?  Often, the most well thought out plan wins. Think. What would you do?  What would you do if you couldn't do that? What will you do if it fails? What will you do if you get a break? Think again.

And write. Plans aren't plans until they're written. I forget more ideas every day than some people have. If I can write them down and record them someplace, I have a chance of recalling them again when I can incorporate them into a written plan. I am a big Evernote user but use whatever works.

And adapt.  You work for someone. It may be a boss or customers or your family. What would they want? Put yourself in their shoes. Don't stay married to the first plan.  Remain faithful to the objective. Think. THINK! The best thought-out plan will have the best chance of success.

Also, favor doable options. Some of your plan will be impossible or very unlikely. Keep as many doable, highly probably steps near the top of your list. You've heard it said that sometimes the key to winning is just showing up. Almost always, I would rather spend my time doing what I could instead of worrying about things over which I have no control.


Your top priority is a destination, with more than one path. Do the next thing. Whatever it is, do the next thing. Knowing your priorities and the things that must happen for you to reach your objective, you are free to do what you can. You've completed step 1, but you can't do step 2. Well do step 3.  Or try step 4. Every choice creates new opportunities and new distractions. Pursue your destination. Maintain your focus and resist the temptation to pursue something else until you reach this destination. Often in the dip, the low places where everything is difficult, it's tempting to re-prioritize. Don't go back. pursue. Remain faithful to your original prioritization.


Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. You can always do something else. Let everything you've already invested push you. Let the hope of your dream pull you.  Great objectives, produce great reward, but they require great effort. It will take more than you think. It will demand more than you expect.

Choose a great goal. Develop and birth and nurture a great plan. Chase it with all you are and never give up. That's all there is to it. Your greatest changes, your best dreams will require that you Prioritize, Plan, Pursue and Persist.

There is certainly much to add. No great effort can be inspired simply by a blog post either. What specific practices would you add?  Please take a moment and comment below.

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