5 Tips To Make Your Personal Brand Successful

I love in-person networking events. In fact, they remain one the of marketing channels via which I find my most valuable contacts.

I’ve been to hundreds over the years, but it’s only been within the last few months that I’ve realised the importance of the personal brand at such events. This is partly because I’m naturally quite introverted—but also because I, like many, have fallen into the trap of focusing networking events on my business rather than myself.

Now, I concentrate on developing a personal brand which makes every networking event appearance 100% worthwhile.

Here’s five super-simple tips for creating your own successful personal brand.

1. Be authentic

There’s no point in trying to create a personal brand that mirrors that of other people. In doing so, you won’t stand out; people will struggle to pick you out among the countless others who mirror your behaviour and way of speaking about the industry.

Embrace your authenticity. Don’t try and be someone else or have multiple versions of you.

The best news? This is the easiest tip of the lot, because it only requires you to be yourself and focus on what matters.

2. Start recording vlogs regularly

A great way to draw people to your personal brand is to regularly record videos of yourself.

This might sound odd, but ‘vlogging,’ as it’s known, has exploded in popularity, partly because it’s so easy to produce (a smartphone and social media account is all you need), but also because it’s a brilliant way to stand out among the crowd.

Whenever you have a thought about the industry, or a piece of news that’s relevant to your business, pick up your phone and record a little piece to camera. Try and be consistent in order to keep your audience waiting for more.

3. Identify and retain your values

You went into business for one reason or another, so always keep that reason close to your heart.

Every entrepreneur and business owner has a set of values that they hold dear. And those values should form the core part of your personal brand.

Think about the way you want to treat customers, the method by which you invest in research and development, and how you intend to change the industry (because you can!).

Reiterate your values whenever you get the opportunity for a moment in the spotlight — they’ll define what your personal brand is and make you instantly recognisable.

4. Focus on your key skill

You’re clearly great at what you do, but there’s probably one particular skill in which you excel.

Whatever that is, focus on it while building your personal brand. Create a blog about the skill and impart your knowledge, or produce regulate videos (see tip 2) that demonstrate your skills in that area.

None of us are masters of everything, and if you hone in on something that makes you special (don’t be shy), others will too.

5. Give away as much as possible

One of the best ways to create a personal brand people will want to engage with is to give away as much stuff as possible.

This might sound counterintuitive, but the more you give away information and advice that is of genuine benefit to your audience, the more they’ll warm to you and spread the good word.

It’s a classic content marketing and thought leadership technique that works just as well for personal brands as products, and will repay you handsomely as your audience and their engagement grows.

Wrapping up

Is your personal brand ready for the big time? Use my tips above to create a persona that people can’t help but indulge in; it’ll do wonders for your own prospects, just as much as those of your business.

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