5 Ways to Be a Leader in the New Face of Customer Loyalty

When it comes to customer loyalty, everything has changed. Customers have more access to information than ever before, and they can make very informed choices. If you're looking to be a better leader in the face of these changes, then you're in the right place. Here's what you can do to be a better leader and gain your customers' loyalty....

  1. Understand the Changes

The first thing you need to do is understand what has changed in customer loyalty. Thanks to the internet, it's no longer a given that a customer will stay with you for life. They're always looking for a better deal, as the internet has made it easier for them to research any purchase they make.

Because loyalty is so closely connected to emotions, you're going to need to understand how to connect with your customers on this emotional level. It's a new way of marketing, and as a leader you'll have to be able to bring your team on board with this.

  1. Start Creating more Personalized Experiences

We really are in the 'age of the customer' right now. You're not going to get anywhere if you keep marketing in the same way you always have done. That means you're going to have to create highly personalized experiences for every customer you get.

Work with your team to really segment down your customer base. Who's shopping with you, and what do they want from you as a company? You'll need to do the research using your existing data, and work out where to go  from there.

  1. Improve Communication

You'll need to improve your communication with both your team and your customers. This needs to go both ways, too. You'll need to be able to take on board what they want from you, and start implementing the changes they need.

To start making these changes, make sure of some of the tools out there that can help you:

  • Resumention: This tool helps you create new resumes when needed, tailored to the job you need.
  • Email Excellence: This site offers courses in writing good emails and templates for when you need some structure.
  • Easy Word Count: Use this tool to keep your messages short and to the point.
  • UK Writings: This service can help edit communications if needed.
  • Enloop: Create new business plans that you can work on with your entire team.
  • Essayroo: This copywriting service can give you good content and communications when you need them.
  • Boom Essays: This service will give you access to good proofreaders to check your writing.
  • Cite It In: Use this tool to cite any sources you use in text.
  1. Respect Everybody's Time

Staff and customers alike have overflowing inboxes, and they're selective about what emails they'll actually open. You need to show that you respect their time, by getting to the point right away. You need to get their attention right away, as if you don't they'll click away, or hit delete, before you know it.

The best way to do this is to put your main point in your first sentence of any communication. This shows the reader exactly what you're trying to say to them, and help them make a decision as to what to do.

  1. Add Value for Customers

Finally, you need to create a 'customer centric' approach for your business. That means that you should give them a voice, and help them get involved in what your company offers.

This is a big shift, and it will be hard for some of your team to adjust. Your role here is to help them see the advantages of such a model, and what it can do for you.

As well as this, you'll need to create channels where your customers can get in touh with you. Social media is a great place for this, so set up those accounts and make sure you're monitoring them. The more you interact with your audience, the better your conversion will be.

As you can see, the new customer model will make a lot of changes to your company. If you follow these tips and work with your team, though, you'll find that it's easy to adapt to the new model.


Gloria Kopp is a digital marketer and a content writer at Academized. Shes is a contributing author HuffingtonPost, Template Monster, Australian Help, etc. Besides, Gloria writes Studydemic blog where she shares her experience with students and educators.

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