6 Tips for Productivity

What is productivity? It’s such an intangible thing, yet we all know the vital role it plays in becoming successful as a leader.

Unfortunately, we also know how quickly days zip past. Before you know it, the eight hours you’ve set aside to get things done and push the business forward have vanished, never to be seen again.

That is, unless you rely on the following little-known productivity tips for anyone occupying a leadership position:

Drop the 9-to-5

Still working strict hours each day?


Unless your industry demands it (few do, these days), you simply don’t need to be hampered anymore by traditional working patterns.

Flexible working has become incredibly popular because it enables us to work when we feel most productive and inspired. Why force yourself to work when you’d much rather be doing something else?

Try bullet journalling

If you’ve spent any time in my company recently, you’ll know I’ve started talking increasingly about swapping digital devices for pen and paper when it comes to taking notes.

This is because I’ve discovered something called bullet journaling, which is an addictive, entirely analog way to keep your notes, thoughts and to-do list organized. I highly recommend everyone in a position of leadership give it a try.

Hire people who are better than you

No, really! Drop your guard; in order to become a truly productive, successful leader, you need to employ people who are better at your job (or, at least, elements of it) than you are.

This results in a team which you know, beyond doubt, can do the things you ask of them. And that leaves you with far more time to tackle your own priorities.

Listen to your body

Working regular twelve hour days might make you feel like the hero of the operation, but in reality, you’re doing nothing more than putting your health at risk.

You’ll also be far less productive than you think. No one can work long days consistently, and even if that to-do list appears to be dwindling more quickly than usual, the quality of your work is probably slipping dramatically.

Try the 2-minute rule

The saying goes: “if it takes less than two minutes to do something, do it now”.

Not heard it before? Now you have! And it’s true! Don’t put those little jobs off; they’ll soon build up into something far more problematic.

Put yourself in your own diary

Have you ever scheduled an appointment with yourself? If not, it’s something you really should work into your diary.

It’ll feel a bit daft at first, but the point is to ensure you keep enough time aside each week to work on your own to-do list and make headway on the projects that would otherwise slip further into the red.

Wrap up

Feeling productive all of a sudden? Thought so!

It’ll take time to work the six productivity tips into your day-to-day activities, but once you do, they’ll stick, and you’ll not only finish that to-do list every day, you’ll do so to the absolute best of your ability.

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