A Street View On Leadership

It is often said that the subject of leadership is the most studied and least understood. This is not true. Participants will have a comprehensive understanding of leadership effectiveness after hearing Bob Anderson and Bill Adams present their latest research.

This presentation by Bob Anderson, co-founder and Chairman of Full Circle Group, and Bill Adams, co-founder and CEO of Full Circle Group, chart the movement from Reactive to Creative leadership, drawing upon input from the leaders consulted during their research. They discuss their research on leadership effectiveness and report on a groundbreaking study concluding that leaders when they provide feedback to each other, are remarkably precise about the entire journey from Reactive to Creative leadership.

Listen in as Bob Anderson and Bill Adams explore:

  • How leaders describe the fundamental differences between Reactive and Creative leadership—between effective and ineffective leadership.
  • How Reactive leaders are canceling themselves out.
  • How Creative leaders get a multiple on their strengths as vision and teamwork complement one another.
  • The top 10 strengths of Creative leaders.
  • The top 10 liabilities of Reactive leaders.
  • The pathway of development from Reactive to Creative leadership.
  • A method for developing any leadership skill you choose to develop.


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