AHA! Instigating A Leadership Revolution

On behalf of the Lead Change Group, I am happy to introduce you to one of our newest offspring, the Instigating A Leadership Revolution Aha Amplifier.

Aha Amplifiers are socially enabled ebooks. Each one contains 140 well-thought-out quotes, or Ahas that are 140 characters or less.

As explained on the ThinkAha website, Aha Amplifiers make it easy to increase your influence by amplifying and activating quality Aha moments to your online networks. Each Aha is sharable via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+, so you can easily share an important idea or statement with thousands, if not millions, of people.

Aha Amplifier Benefits

  • When you like an Aha, you can spread its influence instantaneously
  • Ahas are quick and easy to consume!
  • Ahas allow you to appreciate good, curated content while potentially extending your social media presence into the authors’ networks.

To get a sense of how it all comes together, let's look at one Aha and see what it can do:

Here's the Aha...

The heart of the Aha is, of course, the text...

If you want to live your life on purpose, you must begin to ask the right #questions. @PageCole #LeadChange

There is so much more you can do with this information that just read it, though!

Go To The Entire Aha Amplifier

You can do this by clicking Instigating A Leadership Revolution, More Info, or Lead Change Group.

Train The Aha Amplifier

The system can learn to know your preferences by giving the Aha a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Share The Aha On Twitter

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And/Or click "Surprise Me"

When you click Suprise Me you will get a randomly selected Aha from that same Amplifier.

Here at Lead Change Group, we are excited about this additional way to share our fantastic content with you.

It's perfect to visit when your brain needs a break, when you need a jolt of inspiration, or when you want to get a bite-sized taste of an author or group before investing in their book or other products.

This webinar, whose primary audience is mainly prospective authors, gives a superb demonstration for anyone interested in interacting with the Aha Amplifier:

Hope to see you at the Instigating A Leadership Revolution Aha Amplifier soon. If you visit, please tweet me and let me know you were there.

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