An Interview With Susan Steinbrecher

Many of you know Susan Steinbrecher (@SteinbrecherInc, LinkedIn) or are connected with her in some way on LinkedIn or Twitter. She and I have been connected for a few years now and she's helped promote Lead Change and many of the members over the years.

She and Dr. Joel Bennett just released a new and updated 2nd Edition of their book Heart-Centered Leadership: Lead Well, Live Well.  So I thought I'd take a minute to ask Susan a few questions about the effort.

Lead Change: Susan, Tell us a little about yourself? How did you get involved in professional leadership development?

Susan: I started my career early, right after high school. I was intrigued by the hotel business as I had a brother who was in the hospitality business and he really enjoyed it. I later went to college while I continued to build on my professional experience. It wasn’t long before I found myself in a supervisory role.

As I continued to advance I took on more and more responsibility and led larger numbers of employees. You could say that I “learned the hard way” when it comes to effective leadership and what motivates employees to work at their highest levels.

Twenty-one years ago I decided to start my own business and I’ve never looked back. My ultimate goal was, and still is, to provide others with the guidance and expertise to lead with respect and compassion for others.

Lead Change: How did you get connected with the Lead Change Group?

Susan: When I joined Twitter in 2009 some of the first connections I made were with a small group of like-minded coaches, consultants and forward thinkers who had the grand vision of creating a community of business people to collectively brain-storm and instigate change in the future of leadership. Their ideas were driven by values, compassion and a vision for a better world. I have since then followed and championed the Lead Change movement and witnessed its expansive growth, while forging some wonderful relationships and connections along the way.

Lead Change: Where did you get the idea for the book, Heart Centered Leadership?

Susan: After working with many leaders as an executive coach I noticed patterns of success, and frankly, patterns of leadership failures. I sincerely wanted to share what I had learned with others in hope that leaders would embrace the concept that if you take really good care of your associates/employees – they will take great care of your customers who will in turn take great care of your bottom line.

Lead Change: What's the key message? What's the idea you want people to "know in their heart" when they're finished reading the book?

Susan: Leading with heart allows us to connect with employees at a level that is ultimately incredibly gratifying because you directly impact the lives of others. To have that deep-felt connection – and therefore making a difference – is truly an honor and a privilege.

Lead Change: How can people find the book or connect with you?

Susan: The book’s website is I hope people will drop by – the introduction that outlines the Seven Principles of Heart-Centered Leadership (HCL) is available for download on the homepage, as well. We are thrilled with the many testimonials and endorsements HCL has received to date. On Valentine’s Day 2014, the book will be offered at a special discounted price of $14.99 at! (emphasis, courtesy of Mike...)

I can always be reached through my consulting website at or my speaker’s website, and my Twitter handle is @SteinbrecherInc.

Lead Change: Thanks very much Susan! Best wishes.

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